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Our Gender Reveal! Josh & Kierstin

Pink or blue? Finding out the gender of your baby is such an exciting and special moment! Kierstin & Josh, invite you to join their gender reveal party. Get your daily dose of inspiration and share the joy with the new parents-to-be. Kierstin & Josh, congratulations on your miracle baby! We’re very proud to have helped you create your own family! You’ll always be in our hearts and minds.

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Are We Pregnant? Was IVF Successful? Josh & Kierstin

After going through the whole IVF treatment with such positive energy and optimism, the long-awaited moment has come. Two weeks after the embryo transfer, Kiestin and Josh finally got the beta test result. “So today we find out if we’re pregnant. Basically, I’m getting the blood test right now and I’m gonna tell them to leave me a detailed voicemail because I work today, and Josh and I will listen

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Our Incredible IVF Journey in Mexico. Josh & Kierstin

“I got a crazy idea one night, as I watched a Youtube video of a family doing IVF in India which saved them a lot of money because in the US is so expensive. So I was researching places and because we go to Mexico a lot, I wondered if they had a place there. I found out a few different places but one of them stuck out to me

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IVF Experience with ROPA Method

“Everybody is here to help you — from the hotel to the clinic staff, Puerto Vallarta is a very beautiful and safe place. At LIV Fertility Center, I hadn’t faced any language barrier — the team speaks English fluently. The whole team makes you feel very comfortable, almost like you’ve been a patient for years. Our patient coordinator Alonso is truly understanding of what this journey means to me and

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Success IVF Testimony in México

We really appreciate it when our patients share more about their Infertility journey. Thank you very much for your words Brandi & Coganthey and for introducing us to their beautiful #twins one-year-old Charlotte and Jaxon, it means a lot to us and to our entire IVF Family!

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Julie Kathryn Schwartz / SEPTEMBER 2020

We really appreciate when our patients share more about their #infertilityjourney here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our family. We learn a lot from our patients and always get motivated seeing them fighting to achieve their dream of becoming parents.???? As Julie said, it is all about a state of mind and happiness. But most importantly not let the treatment, injections, and the tests get you down. Keep a positive

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