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IVF under 40: A must-watch podcast episode of LIVing the Journey The Podcast!

IVF under 40 can be a successful fertility treatment for women struggling to conceive. But what is it exactly, and how does it work? In this episode, guided by our lovely host Dr. Andrea Medina we’ll discuss the basics of IVF under 40, including: – What to expect from the journey with LIV Fertility Center – Our medical coordination process – The emotional support we offer our patients – Add-ons

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Breast Cancer and Fertility: A Conversation with Dr. Andrea Medina

In this video, Dr. Andrea Medina, the medical coordinator at LIV Fertility Center, discusses the relationship between breast cancer and fertility. She talks about the different ways that breast cancer treatment can impact fertility, and she also discusses the fertility preservation options available to women with breast cancer. If you are a woman with breast cancer who is concerned about your fertility, this video is a must-watch. It is a

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Google review – Thank you for sharing your experience with us Aba P.!

“We are very grateful for the services from Liv Fertility. Since 2018, we have been traveling to Vallarta from Miami on different occasions, until achieving our dream of being parents in 2022. The road can be exhausting when things do not go as expected, but the effort is always rewarded. I recommend Liv Fertility to any family in US and anywhere in the world looking for their baby. Special thanks

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Mrs. Araujo shares with us the news of her succesful pregnancy!

“We cannot thank everyone at Liv Fertilty for our amazing little baby boy! From day one talking to Dania she made everything clear, then meeting Dr. Edna, our coordinator Brenda and the embryologists and the three front girls they made us feel like family. We had struggled with fertility issues for close to 7 years before we came to Liv . We had tried going to a fertility clinic here

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Brittany P. tells us about her journey becoming a parent of this two beautiful babies!

“12 years childless, hydrosalpinx, blocked fallopian tube, surgery and later 1 really juicy fibroid. I thought I may never have children. With God guiding dr Edna’s hand, here I am with beautiful twins. Everyone there is caring, passionate,attentive, responsive and thorough. I thank them all because i am in love and now I know what I’ve been waiting for my whole life…True love”

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Wonderful, Healthy Babies Born Through IVF At LIV

At LIV Fertility Center, we are happy and proud to share these pictures of some of the beautiful babies born through IVF. There is more than one way to become a parent and have your own baby. We have made affordable IVF a comprehensive journey for all those couples and singles looking for options to have their own baby. You are more than invited to browse through our success rates

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