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IVF Experience with ROPA Method

“Everybody is here to help you — from the hotel to the clinic staff, Puerto Vallarta is a very beautiful and safe place. At LIV Fertility Center, I hadn’t faced any language barrier — the team speaks English fluently. The whole team makes you feel very comfortable, almost like you’ve been a patient for years. Our patient coordinator Alonso is truly understanding of what this journey means to me and

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Success IVF Testimony in México

We really appreciate it when our patients share more about their Infertility journey. Thank you very much for your words Brandi & Coganthey and for introducing us to their beautiful #twins one-year-old Charlotte and Jaxon, it means a lot to us and to our entire IVF Family!

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Julie Kathryn Schwartz / SEPTEMBER 2020

We really appreciate when our patients share more about their #infertilityjourney here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our family. We learn a lot from our patients and always get motivated seeing them fighting to achieve their dream of becoming parents.???? As Julie said, it is all about a state of mind and happiness. But most importantly not let the treatment, injections, and the tests get you down. Keep a positive

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Elipidia LIV Fertility Center Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Elipidia (Chicago) Nov 2019

Elpidia shares with us the ups and downs of their journey to parenthood — which has brought them to the LIV Fertility Center after 9 years of trying to conceive. What made Elpidia and her husband choose LIV? How has their stay in Puerto Vallarta been? Watch now!

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