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Wonderful, Healthy Babies Born Through IVF At LIV

At LIV Fertility Center, we are happy and proud to share these pictures of some of the beautiful babies born through IVF. There is more than one way to become a parent and have your own baby. We have made affordable IVF a comprehensive journey for all those couples and singles looking for options to have their own baby. You are more than invited to browse through our success rates

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IVF Baby Announcement

The last couple of weeks has been quite a wild ride. Becky and I welcomed Callie Grace on 11/12/21. She’s sweet and cuddly and we love her so much! Callie welcomed us into motherhood with a 2 week and 1-day stay in the hospital. She’s all better now and we were discharged today. Thank you to all the people who checked on us, lifted our spirits, prayed, and sent us

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Daddy’s Little Dragon Slayer has finally arrived in the world!

There is nothing like watching the woman Louis is in love with making a baby, make a miracle! Time is flying by, but he’s taking it all in. It is the most important thing that he has ever been a part of in his life. Eternally grateful for baby Murphy for the help he’s been getting all the way through. “Being there, watching, and encouraging my beautiful wife… holding for

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Happy Transferversary, Miracle Boy!

A year ago today Erica transferred three embryos and one of them became a beautiful miracle baby. Then those glorious two pink lines showed up 9 days later. Then two lines became a heartbeat and that heartbeat became that sweet little boy wearing a “made in Mexico” onesie…our Emilio “the winning one”. It’s the most surreal thing to look at him and see how far they’ve come. What a journey!

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IVF Successful stories Julie Schwartz

We really appreciate it when our patients share their stories with the LIV family. It’s good to see their courage to fight for their dream of becoming parents. As Julie said, it is all about a state of mind and happiness. But most importantly, not let the treatment, injections, and tests get you down.

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Our Gender Reveal! Josh & Kierstin

Pink or blue? Finding out the gender of your baby is such an exciting and special moment! Kierstin & Josh, invite you to join their gender reveal party. Get your daily dose of inspiration and share the joy with the new parents-to-be. Kierstin & Josh, congratulations on your miracle baby! We’re very proud to have helped you create your own family! You’ll always be in our hearts and minds.

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