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Signs and Symptoms

COMFORT. The primary symptom of infertility is the central challenge — the difficulty in getting pregnant. While there are no signs or symptoms associated with male infertility, early detection and treatment is the most critical step toward getting you back on the journey to parenthood.

sperm-donation It is important for you to seek comfort at our LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta if you have a history cystic fibrosis, injury or trauma to the scrotum and testes, problems getting an erection, and issues ejaculating.

What Contributes to Infertility in Men?

  • Low or absent sperm production. Without proper numbers of healthy sperm, the chance of fertilization is decreased.
  • Abnormal sperm function. Sperm must have proper motility and the ability to penetrate the egg.
  • Varicocele. This is a condition in which varicose veins develop around the testes. It is a very common cause of male factor infertility and is usually treatable and reversible with surgery.
  • Lifestyle. Use of recreational drugs, heavy alcohol use, cigarette smoking, certain medications, and excessive heat to the genital area (as in hot tubs) can affect sperm quality and function.
  • Hormonal disorders. Improper male hormone or endocrine function can affect sperm production and fertilization ability.
  • Chromosomal defects. Certain chromosomal abnormalities are associated with male infertility.
  • Birth defects. Abnormalities in a man’s reproductive system can occur during fetal development. Some birth defects are due to a man’s exposure to DES (diethylstilbestrol) taken by his mother during pregnancy.
  • Immunological problems. A man may have antisperm antibodies (immune or protective proteins) which attack and destroy sperm

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