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Assisted Hatching

What is Hatching

In women, the eggs are surrounded by a protein coat or shell called the zona pellucida. This coat continues to surround the embryos until they are ready to implant into the lining of the uterus (embryos on blastocyst stage, day five or six of development). Before they can successfully implant, they must ‘hatch’ or break out of this protein shell.

This hatching is normally achieved by the blastocyst expanding and contracting until it breaks out of its Shell.

Some proportions of normal (euploid) embryos with full developmental potential does not hatch properly, therefore the embryos cannot implant and start a pregnancy.

Hatching Blastocyst

What is Assisted Hatching?

Assisted hatching is an advanced micromanipulation technique used in the IVF laboratory to help the embryo hatch.

The embryologist produce a controlled and precise micro hole in the zona pellucida (protein shell) using an Infrared laser system.

The laser assisted hatching is usually performed on day 3 or day 5 of embryo development

Do I need Assisted Hatching?

It is recommended that you consider assisted hatching if you fall into any of the following groups:

  • You are over 37 years old.
  • You are going to use frozen eggs for your IVF cycle.
  • You will have a frozen embryo transfer.
  • You have had a previous failed IVF cycle.
  • You have needed larger than average doses of egg stimulation hormones.

Has Laser-Assisted Hatching any

There is evidence that laser-assisted hatching improves the implantation rate and pregnancy rate significantly for patients in certain circumstances such as mentioned above.

In which type of procedures is recommended to perform Laser Assisted Hatching?

  • Fresh embryo transfer
  • Frozen embryo transfer

Are there any risks associated with Laser-Assisted Hatching?

Increased chance of monozygotic twin pregnancy. It is estimated that the natural conception of monozygotic twins is 0.3%, with assisted hatching the percentage increases to 1%.

Laser-assisted hatching is a safe and effective technique, therefore has no other significant risks.

What is the Cost of Assisted Hatching Procedure?

For consultancy and detailed information about assisted hatching please contact us.

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