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Assisted Hatching Mexico

FOCUS. The highly effective method of assisted hatching dramatically increases your chances of pregnancy success by making implantation easier following the embryo transfer. Inside the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, our reproductive specialists provide a comprehensive approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF). LIV Fertility Center is a prominent fertility leader — and discernibly so. The combined expertise of LIV fertility doctors expresses our leading-edge superiority.

assisted-hatchingEvery detail of our LIV programs are focused on one goal, immersing successful fertility treatments right through to parenthood.

What is Assisted Hatching Mexico?

Irrespective of highly-scientific methodologies by IVF laboratories, hatching is a necessary step for the successful implantation of an embryo. Our progressive method of assisted hatching (AH) Mexico is a powerful technique used in conjunction with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Mexico prior to embryo transfer or blastocyst transfer.

Skillfully practiced by our professional LIV fertility doctors, assisted hatching gives embryos unconventional direction in the hatching process — ultimately breaking through the protective ‘zona pellucida’ layer that encases them. The procedure is competed during an IVF cycle, specifically between the fertilization of the egg and the embryo implantation phase of the cycle.

The Future of Asisted Hatching Mexico— Unveiled

At the prominent LIV Fertility Center, the future of Assisted Hatching (AH) Mexico is steadily progressing. Couples who have not conceived after two or more IVF cycles and female patients older than 38 years of age are positively benefiting from this sophisticated procedure.

  • Modern advancements have significantly increased an embryo’s chances of implantation into the uterus.
  • Expert embryologists at LIV offer proficient micromanipulation techniques.

The LIV Way — Step by Step

STEP 1 | Initial Consultation with Your LIV Advisor

When you begin your journey to parenthood at LIV, you will consult with a personal advisor — a committed member of our team — who will acquire an extensive medical history from you and your partner and address any questions or concerns that you may have. We developed a program that allows you to feel comfortable and confident during each step of your journey.

STEP 2 | In-House Consultation with LIV Clinical Coordinator

Your LIV clinical coordinator is a dedicated member of our fertility team who will oversee your entire family building journey. After arriving in Puerto Vallarta, we will review your preliminary fertility diagnosis, perform testing, discuss with you the details of our program and the options for an individualized treatment plan. Your clinical coordinator will then schedule all the necessary procedures, which are entirely performed inside the gleaming LIV Fertility Center.

STEP 3 | Assisted Hatching Method

Once you have undergone the In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycle — ovulation, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo development has occurred, the Assisted Hatching (AH) procedure is performed. After the embryo matures, our proficient embryologist gently creates a tiny hole in the zona pellucida. This opening is shaped with a microscopic needle or a micro-laser. It is important to note that the assisted hatching procedure does not damage the embryo. Before the implantation procedure, the patient may be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. Our LIV fertility team will continue with the In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycle — embryo transfer and pregnancy testing.

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