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MOMENTS. Discover the moments that matter most when you LIV for the journey.

 The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to providing the best overall experience on the journey to parenthood.

Experience what could be in your future with the LIV Fertility Center. We recognize that it’s not just about the journey, but also what is shared.

For anyone struggling to start a family, these stories provide a testament to the expert fertility options and solutions we are providing at LIV.

Experience the LIV Way

Every shared story below introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday — and to the families we are building with each step.

Iqbal & Kim February 2020

Iqbal & Kim came back to the clinic to visit the LIV team. Love this!!!

Juliet Bamidele with Baby Jayne February 2020

Meet Juliet and her beautiful, precious baby girl Jayne.


Darren and Reiko December 2019

Darren and Reiko share why they chose LIV for their fertility journey — and how their experience has been in Puerto Vallarta.

Danaisy and Nosdiel (Florida) December 2019

Thank you!!


Elipidia (Chicago) Nov 2019

Elpidia shares with us the ups and downs of their journey to parenthood — which has brought them to the LIV Fertility Center after 9 years of trying to conceive. What made Elpidia and her husband choose LIV? How has their stay in Puerto Vallarta been? Watch now!

Juliet (November) 2019

Meet LIV patient, Juliet. We couldn't be more excited to have you here with us!

Tamica Boss November 2019

I researched for almost a year to find the best international clinic that would work for me. LIV has definitely lived up to my expectations. My care coordinator was always available for questions, Dr. Valez is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, the clinic is modern and pristine, and the staff are amazing. I'm going in for my first FET next week and I'm full of hope. Thank you LIV!

Nemecio & Gaby November 2019

Congrats to Nemecio and Gaby! 💚💚💚


EMOJ October 2019

Say hi to our dear friend EMOJ. We couldn't be more happy to see your family grow. 💚 Dr. Jose Francisco Velez was honored to be a part of this special delivery.

Marco & Alejandra October 2019

Meet the precious and adorable daughter of LIV new parents, Marco & Alejandra. #preciousbabygirl🎀

Lydia (USA) October 2019

I walk in the door at LIV and feel like I am family. I am always greeting with a hug and smile. There is always someone available to answer my questions and it does not matter if it is over email or in person. I feel very well taken care of.


Timothy & Calli (USA) October 2019

Meet Hattie Lou. She was born on 10/3, weighing 6lb 7oz, (Parents Timothy and Calli). 💚🍼💖🎀🌞


Danaisy and Nosdiel (Florida) October 2019

Meet Katheryn, born on 9/26 — weighing 6lb 8oz.

Luis and Mayra (USA) October 2019

Meet 1 month old Alan. Congrats to our IPs Luis and Mayra. LIV the Journey 💚

Claudio & Jocelyn (USA) October 2019

Welcome LIV patients, Jocelyn and Claudio. Thank you for choosing LIV. Let's do this!! 💚💚

Michael & Elaine (USA) September 2019

Exciting news to share!! LIV patients Michael & Elaine. 3 weeks until due date. 💚

Sonny & Kelli September 2019

Meet beautiful baby girl Ellington -- (Daughter of LIV patients Sonny and Kelli). OMG! So precious! 💚

Armando & Brenda September 2019

Meet this 10 month old beautiful girl! (Daughter of LIV patients Armando & Brenda).

Lazaro and Yainais September 2019

Meet our incredible LIV patients, Lazaro and Yainais. It's Embryo Transfer Day!

Meet Zea and her husband ... 20 weeks pregnant. Dr. Sofia Contreras is following her pregnancy here at LIV.

Tony & Tekoa (USA) September 2019

Meet LIV patients Tekoa and Tony. We are super excited to go through this journey with you both. 💚💚


Allison August 2019

Inside the leading fertility clinic in Puerto Vallarta, LIV IVF doctors — Dr. Velez, Dr. Hernandez & Dr. Contreras - sit in on a conference call with IVF patient Allison. Dr. Velez delivers the positive pregnancy news!

Family Aguilar August 2019

Great clinic, Doctors and staff have been amazing.

Natalie February 2019

Firstly, I’d like to shout from the rooftops that I am pregnant!!!!! Dr Velez was the best fertility doctor I could have ever asked for. My whole experience at LIV was incredible. I was spoiled with care, quick responses to my questions and just a genuine interest from Dr Velez to produce the best result. Compared to my experience in the US LIV fertility was very impressive. It’s clean, they are super professional and Dr Velez is the best!! Couldn’t recommend them enough.


DMT (USA) 2019

DMT is back in Puerto Vallarta for their second IVF journey! The couple had twins during their first IVF Mexico journey. DMT shares with us her experience at LIV and how her and her husband chose LIV.

Tanisha 2019

Welcome Tanisha! LIV the Journey... Embrace the Destination.

Michelle 2019

Meet LIV patient, Michelle. We are excited to be on this journey with you. 💚

Abiola A. 2019

Twins! Meet Rola and Jola!

Adrienne G. 2019

I just want to say I’m very happy that I chose LIV fertility center. Everyone is very nice and Dr. Velez is very professional and knows what he is doing. You can tell they want the best outcome for you and they all take pride in what they do Thank you for everything!

Jade (USA) 2019

These are some of the most amazing people you will ever work with. They offer nothing less than VIP service at every step of the process. I have never received this level of care and treatment at any medical facility in the United States. And Dr. Velez is an extremely talented and knowledge doctor. He is a perfectionist as well, which shows in his success rates. We highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to conceive.