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✨ with love all dreams come true!

“ After 3 years of infertility, 2 surgery’s, 1 hysterosalpingogram (hsg test), 5 failed IUI’s, 2 trips to Mexico, and a successful IVF treatment in Mexico; Josh and I are so grateful and excited to share that we are PREGNANT!!! I have chills writing this because I am still in complete awe!

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Meet the twins Ian and Angie!

Meet LIV Success Twins, Ian & Angie! Proud parents Adalvis & Yoanser of Florida, are incredibly happy to welcome these two beautiful and healthy babies into their lives  We can’t wait to see what life holds for this lovely family .

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IVF Success

We love any chance to see growing little LIV boys and girls! Liv Success parents Maritza & Ernesto paid a family visit to our office with their baby Videl! How cute is he?!

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Donna & Armando

Let’s send love to Donna and Armando We wish you the best of luck on their #IVFjourney! We couldn’t be more excited to have you here with us! Thank you for trusting #livfertilitycenter

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Pregnancy Update + Nursery Reveal!

Hey everyone! Sorry, we haven’t uploaded in a long time, we’ve been super busy and preparing for a baby boy 🙂 Here is my 34-35 week update and our nursery reveal! Enjoy 😀 – Josh & Kierstin –

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IVF successes , Meet baby “Gabrielle”

Gabrielle was born on October 8, 2021 She weighed 2.13 pounds and is 15 inches long. “We would be happy for y’all to share the pictures with everyone we are so proud of her and God bless y’all for making our dreams come true” – Debbie – Thanks for sharing @debbie.annivey, we

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Brittney Andrews

Everyone at LIV fertility has been very polite and helpful. Great and timely communication which is helpful and relieves stress. I just finished my egg retrieval and it was exceptional with no pain. I loved the anastiolgist. She was the most personable in my opinion and made me feel VERY comfortable.Great beautiful

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IVF Baby Announcement

The last couple of weeks has been quite a wild ride. Becky and I welcomed Callie Grace on 11/12/21. She’s sweet and cuddly and we love her so much! Callie welcomed us into motherhood with a 2 week and 1-day stay in the hospital. She’s all better now and we were discharged

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