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Elpidia and Artemis

“I hope everyone is doing well at the clinic. We want to share with you the news of the birth of our baby, Thank you for everything ” -Elpidia and Artemis- Meet Clara Elena. Clara Elena 08/14/2020, 7:48 p.m. 6.7 Lb / 18 in

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Visit From Canada

We love having the opportunity to watch the growing LIV girls & boys grow! The parents Brandi & Cogan from Canada paid a family visit to our office with their beautiful twin’s one-year-old

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Brenda Beltran.

Hello, I went to LIV in October 2017, the process went very quickly for me. The doctors worked with me as I didn’t have insurance (in the states) that covered any infertility testing. They were patient and worked with what I got them. I arrived with a cyst and they drained it

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“So glad we could provide a little fiesta for the day. We are so grateful for the wonderful care that I was given” – Holly –

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“I feel great as a Mother we Love her so much. My family adores her. We are so happy to have her in our lives. She has brought so much joy. Hopefully, next year when things are better I want to bring her back to Liv to meet and greet with everyone”

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Jennifer Alvarez

The hospitality we receive is excellent and everyone at LIV is very caring and treated like family. We came from Miami, FL and I can’t see a better clinic chosen for our procedure other than LIV! Spectacular service !! She recommended them to all!

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Elizabeth Jimenez

This is my second IVF procedure and it was amazing! LIV made it EASY to go through IVF. Yes, I said EASY. They pre-mix all your medication and make you feel like family. I felt really taken care of. During my first cycle of IVF in the States I felt like a

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Liz Jimenez & Alfredo Valadez / September 2020

“Well, it’s official! We will begin round 2 of IVF next week. We leave for Puerto Vallarta on Saturday and will get to live by the beach for a few weeks! We chose LIV Fertility Center for this next adventure and here’s why. They took the time to answer all questions and

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Julie Kathryn Schwartz / SEPTEMBER 2020

We really appreciate when our patients share more about their #infertilityjourney here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our family. We learn a lot from our patients and always get motivated seeing them fighting to achieve their dream of becoming parents.???? As Julie said, it is all about a state of mind and

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