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Blastocyst Transfer with IVF Mexico

ADORE. To help you adore everything — yes everything — on your journey to parenthood, a team of LIV prodigies are available to provide you with helpful fertility information and to answer your questions wherever you are on your journey. Blastocyst Transfer Mexico is at the forefront of advances in fertility science. This advanced assisted reproductive technology technique is implicated during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to help many couples reach their dreams of building a family.

blastocyst-transferOur embryology staff’s experience and high level of technical expertise are key to a successful team approach.

What is Blastocyst Transfer Mexico?

Blastocysts are advanced embryos that have a higher chance (per embryo) of implantation than earlier-stage embryos. The process allows developing embryos to grow unobstructed for five days until they reach the blastocyst stage of development.

The Future of Blastocyst Transfer Mexico — Unveiled

The aspiring LIV fertility center in Puerto Vallarta wants to help you meet the one definitive goal — parenthood. Advances in embryo culturing techniques at present allow for development to the blastocyst stage.

  • Until now researchers were unable to develop lab culture mediums and incubation techniques that would allow embryos to develop into blastocysts.
  • Advanced equipment to select only good quality blastocyst recommended for transfer. Culturing embryos to the blastocyst transfer stage is highly dependent on both the intrinsic potential of the individual embryo, and our accomplished IVF lab.
  • Extended culture allows the IVF team to observe and analyze how these embryos grow, making it possible to understand why previous IVF treatments failed.
  • Remaining blastocysts can be frozen for later use.

The LIV Way — Step by Step

STEP 1 | Initial Consultation with Your LIV Advisor

When you begin your journey to parenthood at LIV, you will consult with a personal advisor — a committed member of our team — who will acquire an extensive medical history from you and your partner and address any questions or concerns that you may have. We developed a program that allows you to feel comfortable and confident during each step of your journey. Your LIV advsior will help you plan your fist visit to Puerto Vallarta.

STEP 2 | In-House Consultation with LIV Clinical Coordinator

Your LIV clinical coordinator is a dedicated member of our fertility team who will oversee your entire family building journey. Our team will review your preliminary fertility diagnosis, perform testing, and discuss with you the details of our program and the options for an individualized treatment plan. Your clinical coordinator will then schedule all the necessary procedures, which are entirely performed inside the gleaming LIV Fertility Center.

STEP 3 | Blastocyst Transfer

Our LIV fertility team initiates the In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycle — ovulation, egg retrieval, and  fertilization. Once the follicular fluid is removed from the follicle, the eggs are identified by the embryologist and placed into an incubator. The eggs are fertilized with sperm later that day by conventional insemination or by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). The resulting embryos are transferred on day 5 or 6 — also known as the Blastocyst Transfer. Embryos are placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity using a small, soft catheter. Two weeks after the embryo transfer you will return to the LIV Fertility Center for a pregnancy test.

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