How to Plan Your First Visit to LIV

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PLAN. Reaching your dream of parenthood is never a perfect experience — however our team at the LIV Fertility Center works diligently to make it as seamless as possible.

how-to-plan-your-first-visitWe are available seven days a week to help fulfill the dreams of every patient who seeks our help. Denoted as the top fertility center in Mexico, our team delivers an individualized, comprehensive approach to reproductive medicine.

We believe it is important to understand our patient’s desires and wishes when organizing their first visit to Puerto Vallarta. During your first visit, you will have the opportunity to ask questions — and get answers. It is our goal to develop an inspiring and reassuring plan for further evaluation and treatment.

If you are seeking fertility care with a partner, it is strongly recommended for both partners to be present during the first visit to the LIV Fertility Center.

Celebrate a First Visit to LIV

  • Before your arrival, there are a number of forms you will be asked to fill out. Please print and complete these forms and bring them with you. Providing us with a full and accurate medical history will enhance your chances of success. Please bring any records you may have regarding previous fertility treatment and prior surgeries — if possible send this information to your LIV advisor ahead of time.
  • Please bring your calendar. It is best to know your schedule in advance so we can streamline the planning of your fertility treatment. Plan to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • After arriving in Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to seek sanctuary — relax and unwind in a world-famous destination. Puerto Vallarta radiates with luxurious indulgences. Immerse yourself in the warm, welcoming spirit of our LIV surroundings.
  • The time has come — all of our visitors are greeted with compassion at the front desk inside our gleaming fertility center in Puerto Vallarta. It is our first and foremost aim to make you feel at home inside of our facilities. Feel free to voice your requests and concerns.
  • We understand that you may have been dealing with infertility for months, or even years — we know this is an important day. After being introduced to your LIV advisor, as well as having the opportunity to meet your LIV Clinical Coordinator and our medical team, we will begin a thorough and delicate review of your medical records. You will also undergo a physical exam and an ultrasound may be performed. Other testing is based on your individualized assessment.
  • After your initial consultation — an individualized, diagnostic plan will be outlined to determine the cause of infertility. The recommended approach will depend on your age, diagnosis, the duration of infertility, any previous treatments, and your personal preferences. As we know fertility treatment can impact work schedules, vacation plans, finances, marriages, families, and self-image — we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

LIV the Journey… Embrace the Destination.

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