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IVF over 40: Age is not an obstacle to becoming a parent

HOPE: We cherish the moments in life when a new baby is born. This could be you. Behind the scenes, a group of leading specialists makes sure you are LIVing the journey. Situated in Puerto Vallarta, the city of sun and hope, LIV Fertility Center Mexico pushes the boundaries of what is possible, renewing people’s hope that miracles do happen regardless of age. 


We’re often asked: Is 40 too old to have a baby? The short answer is NO!

Just because building a family wasn’t your priority in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant at 40 — and beyond! 

We have achieved amazing results in the past, and we believe you may find success with us. In 2015, nearly half of our patients were between the ages of 41-50+ years old. 

Pregnancy After 40: The Trend Toward Delayed Parenthood

Becoming a parent after 40 is the new trend. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of first-time mothers aged 40-44 has doubled from 0.5 to 2.3 per 1.000 women in the period of 1985 and 2012. Astonishing number! 

We understand there may be many reasons and benefits of having a child after 40. You may have a successful career, a stable financial life and a wonderful relationship with your partner. Life is good and nothing brings you more happiness and joy than holding a baby in your arms. You are more mature and are willing and ready to dedicate your life to another little human.

What Are Your Options for Getting Pregnant After 40?

Every day, our team is saddened to hear from our patients, “Doctor, I wish I’d known about your center years ago, when I was doing such-and-such…”

At LIV, we specialize in helping women of advanced maternal age to get pregnant with tailored IVF over 40 treatments. Because of the extraordinary results we have had with this particular group of patients, we are considered one of the best IVF clinics over 40.

Popular options include:

After 44 there is a less than 5% chance of achieving a pregnancy with your own eggs and around a 90% of miscarriage/genetic abnormalities. Although success rates decline with age, we are happy to treat women after 40+. 

If your eggs are no longer viable, do not get discouraged. As part of our donation programs in Mexico, we can offer donor eggs or embryos for use in IVF. We know egg donation may not be an easy decision for you, and we totally understand. No woman dreams about becoming a mom with the eggs of another woman. However, we can reassure you that you still have control over your baby’s genes during your pregnancy as well as through your parenting style.

The treatment should not scare you because it’s very similar to standard IVF treatment — the only difference being the use of donor eggs. Why IVF with donor eggs in Mexico? It is a lot easier to perform IVF in Mexico than in the USA or any other country, mainly due to the lenient regulations and affordable prices without sacrificing care quality.

You can take a step further and get your embryos screened before implantation. With 6,000x magnification power, our team can look beneath the surface and assess the real potential of embryos to develop into healthy individuals. Sounds amazing, right? 

Are There Any Potential Risks?

Our patient’s health is a top priority. To avoid any potential risks associated with age, our fertility specialists at LIV Fertility Center will provide guidance and follow-up support before, during, and after treatment.

Before Treatment

We cannot stress enough the importance of healthy lifestyle changes during the preparation period preceding your treatment. Our specialists will do everything to make sure that you and your body are fully prepared for what is to come. The pre-treatment program may include lifestyle changes to ensure treatment success, such as:  

  • Achieving/maintaining a healthy BMI 
  • Following a personalized exercise regime & nutritional plan
  • Reinforcement of positive lifestyle habits
  • Taking multivitamin supplements with folic acid

During Treatment

Once your groundwork from phase one is done, we will move to the next stage when it is time to give life to your long-awaited baby dream. Leading you through a number of steps, our team will be there for you every step of the way —  from beginning to end. Although it may vary from case to case, this stage will include the following steps:

  • Extensive medical screening to help us develop a personalized approach toward your medical condition and help us develop a specifically tailored treatment plan.
  • Selection of ovarian stimulation protocol: double stimulation (also known as DuoStim) and continuous stimming spaced through multiple consecutive cycles.
  • Regular monitoring through blood tests, ultrasound scans and follow-up consultations to avoid any complication associated with stimulation.
  • Employment of the most advanced embryo screening techniques (like PGS testing) for chromosomal/genetic abnormalities and subsequent selection of the healthiest embryo(s) to transfer.
  • Laser assisted hatching to facilitate the embryonic hatching process and improve implantation success.

After Treatment 

Although your treatment at LIV Fertility Center is complete, your journey is not over yet. After a positive pregnancy test, our team is here to provide antenatal care in the form of:

  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Prenatal genetic tests  

Age Limits for IVF Treatment in Mexico

Most IVF clinics in the US have a strict age requirement for women using their own eggs. The normal age range is 42 to 45. 

LIV Fertility Center sees many women who have postponed treatments while undergoing a sequence of tests at other reproductive centers. Regrettably, without advanced timely treatments, the probabilities of pregnancy after age 40 begin to diminish. 

At LIV, our age maximum for IVF using your own eggs is 45. For women after 46, we offer specialized programs, like IVF with donor eggs, Tandem IVF, and IVF with PGS if your eggs are no longer viable for conception.

Success Rates

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high success rates.

Although there are many factors that influence success rates for IVF over 40, including age, medical history, cause(s) of infertility, sperm and embryo quality, and use of donor eggs, we leave nothing to chance. From lab techniques to highly-skilled personnel to cutting-edge technology, we transform potential into new life.

Here are some amazing facts that show how well your eggs and embryos are treated in our lab. 

  • Fertilization rate using the ICSI method is an incredible 91.3%.
  • More than a half of all procedures performed at LIV Fertility Center resulted in a blastocyst day-5 transfer. This is very special to us as not all embryos reach the blastocyst stage, which indicates that not only embryos survive but also thrive in our labs.
  • Donor eggs are the most successful assisted reproductive treatment with success rates as high as 71.7%. We are also proud to be offering Egg donation treatments to patients over 40 which is not available in many countries around the world.
  • The average success rate for both fresh and frozen iVF cycles is 59.1% for patients of all ages.

Pushing the Boundaries of Age — Success Stories

You should never give up on the dream to become a parent just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Thousands of LIV warriors did not give up. 

We approach every patient individually. We understand that what might work for you may not apply to another person struggling with infertility. From stimulation protocols to the type of treatment to the lab techniques, everything we do is based on science and data and is in line with your preferences and needs. The result? A beautiful, healthy baby in your arms and a complete, happy family. 

Here is our patient Elpida (USA) talking about her experience at the LIV Fertility Center. 

Check out our other success stories and get inspired to take action today. 

Start Your Journey to Parenthood with LIV Fertility Center!

We believe that everyone has the right to become a parent — no matter their age or diagnosis.

Here at the LIV Fertility Center Mexico, we provide affordable, trustworthy, and effective infertility solutions to help individuals and couples accomplish their goal of building/growing a family. 

Based on years of expertise, innovation, you will be provided the most advanced fertility care for an affordable price — while having the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

Our friendly approach not only reinforces positive connections with our patients but quite often they turn into lasting friendships. Becoming part of the big LIV family means that we will stay together through all the steps of the process. 

Contact us today and let your journey begin.

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