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ONE OF A KIND. The LIV Fertility Center is the most respected and successful fertility centers in Puerto Vallarta — and the leading fertility destination in Mexico.

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Molded by pure passion, our center is a symphony of technologies working together for improved comfort and convenience.

LIV is a unique combination of luxury, expertise, innovation and transparency. You feel it the moment you arrive. Inside, the stunning light-filled interior maximizes every single inch of the facility — and a commanding view of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

We invite you to revel in a unique cultural experience in Mexico. Boasting a year-round stunning climate, gorgeous pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions, Puerto Vallarta appeals to ambitious explorers, laid-back sightseers, journey-takers and of course — all of our LIV fertility family.

It’s always the right time to LIV. Every day of the year, you can virtually tour our clinic.


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Our team is driven by intended parents who are chasing a dream, motivated by fertility technology and innovation and an inclusive commitment to advancing pregnancy success rates.

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