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Ericsson Mexico

TIMING. Inside the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, the journey to parenthood is met with dedication, reliability, and an experienced fertility team offering you the very best chance for pregnancy success. With high success rates for the Ericsson method Mexico during Gender Selection, patients at the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta can determine their baby’s gender with confidence.

ivf-ericssonThe LIV Fertility Center uses a modified version of the Ericsson Method Mexico technique for gender selection to provide high success rates. The Ericsson Method Mexico of sex selection is a technique based on the fact that sperm carrying the Y chromosome swim faster than sperm carrying the X chromosome — in turn slowing down the X chromosome.

During our unique laboratory process, we take a sperm sample from the male and suspend it in Albumin solution. The solution is then put into a centrifuge and spun to separate the male from the female chromosomes.

The sperm that carries the preferred chromosome (X for female and Y for male) is then used In vitro Fertilization (IVF) Mexico.

The Process of The Ericsson Method Mexico

  • Human serum albumin (HSA), a sticky protein solution, is layered into a column of increasing thickness, here of 7.5% and 17.5%.
  • After the semen is centrifuged, washed, and diluted, it is layered on top of the albumin column.
  • The column is allowed to stand for 1 hour, allowing sperm to penetrate the albumin. (Although the semen is processed in a centrifuge during the procedure, it is this step — allowing the sperm to swim through the albumin column — that it intended to separate X and Y sperm, rather than the spinning.)
  • The top layer is discarded, and the column is allowed to stand for another 30 minutes.
  • The next layer (originally the middle layer) is discarded.
  • The remaining bottom layer is centrifuged, and of this only the pellet (sediment at the bottom) is retained and prepared for artificial insemination.

Advantage of Ericsson Method Mexico

Clinical data suggests that The Ericsson Method Mexico of sex selection produced a success rate of 68-75 percent for male sex selection and 63-65 percent for female gender selection. The method of Ericsson for Gender Selection is completed on the sperm and does not involve the manipulation of embryos. The Ericsson Method Mexico performed by our Lead Embryologist, Emb. Karla Ruiz, is completely safe and reliable.

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