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Egg Freezing Mexico

FUTURE. A common dream shared by nearly every woman and man across the globe is the true blessing to have a child. A woman’s fertility is essentially at the mercy of egg quality. As a woman ages the chances of conception — drastically decreases. LIV offers egg freezing Mexico options.

egg-freezingAt the top in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic in Mexico, there are several reasons women choose egg freezing in Mexico as an effort to preserve their fertility.

Many of these women wait until they are in a long-term relationship to have children. Well-educated, professional and highly intelligent, women are also freezing their eggs to progress their careers before motherhood.

Women also choose egg freezing Mexico due to infertility or medical conditions such as premature menopause, or the devastating diagnosis of cancer or lupus. Whatever the underlying cause, egg cryopreservation is giving women the ability to conceive in the future.

Egg Freezing Mexico — Overview of the Process

  • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring: Hormonal treatment in the form of injections is given for approximately 8 to 10 days, stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple mature follicles/eggs.
  • Egg retrieval: Eggs are retrieved from your ovaries through an ultrasound-guided follicle aspiration. You will receive sedation for this procedure.
  • Egg vitrification: Your eggs are then placed in a “vitrification solution” called cryoprotectant, which helps protect your eggs during the freezing and thawing process. Each egg is carefully placed into liquid nitrogen and stored frozen at a temperature of -196˚ Celsius.
  • Egg storage: Your eggs will remain frozen in a liquid nitrogen storage tank, in our embryology laboratory, until you are ready to conceive.

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