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“One year ago today we got the amazing news that 6 out of our 7 embryos made it to their fullest potential-the blastocyst stage and they were now safe and frozen until we return to do our frozen embryo transfer.
One of those embryos was our miracle baby Marcello we hold in our arms every day He is so strong & that is why we chose the name Marcello – it means “little warrior” and he indeed is such a warrior! He made it through the IVF process, successful pregnancy, and now a perfectly healthy baby. We couldn’t be more grateful for him!
With that, he does have 4 other siblings still frozen in Mexico that are waiting for us-we just paid our annual storage fee to keep them frozen another year. Yes, we could try to get pregnant naturally again, but I’d rather give our other embryos a chance at life before trying naturally, they were made first!

Again, a huge thank you to the LIV team-thank you for being so knowledgeable, thank you for helping us every step of the way from coordinating arrival and departure dates, telling us what vitamins and supplements to take, helping with the injections, giving a calendar to help us keep track of which injection to do and what time to take it, for answering all of my many questions, for giving us daily updates of our embryo growth and development, and for understanding us and welcoming us like a family! We can’t wait to come to visit with baby Marcello soon
“Live the journey, embrace the destination”
???? & words: @kierstinolness

Thanks Kierstin & Josh for sharing his feelings full of love from his heart!