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Last week, we were blessed with a heartwarming visit from little Gursav, who just turned 5 years old!
Little Gursav and his incredible parents, Iqbal & Kim, have been a cherished part of the LIV family for the past 5 years.

Seeing Gursav grow into a vibrant and happy 5-year-old has been an absolute delight.
It serves as a beautiful reminder of the amazing journeys we’ve been a part of, and the wonderful families that have been created with our help.

To Iqbal & Kim: Thank you for trusting us with your dreams and for sharing your love with us. Your journey is a testament to the miracles that can happen at LIV.

Stay tuned this week as we share more about this incredible family and their inspiring journey.
Remember, LIV Fertility Center is always here for you – a home where dreams come true.

Special Moments at LIV Fertility Center: Little Gursav and his parents visited us!