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It’s my absolute pleasure to rate the LIV Fertility Center Puerto Vallarta Mexico with 5 stars! I am a US citizen and my husband is Mexican. Our journey started at another clinic in Mexico that didn’t work out so well. I was about to start my next cycle and desparately looked for a new clinic. I am so thankful I called LIV and got Alonso on the phone. He was immediately helpful and got me started on new medicines and egg retrieval strategy within days. We consulted with Dra. Edna by zoom and made a plan. Everyone speaks English and they understand all the cultural differences so we felt really comfortable working with them. Upon visiting PV and going to the clinic our confidence was reinforced as we met more of the team and went through the process of discussing the retrieval, paperwork and other procedures. They truly care and take the time to answer all your questions, provide you with objective data and help you make informed decisions. It was so comforting to have their perspectives during such a difficult process. Gisele in accounting was very helpful as well as Karla the embryologist. They spent a lot of time with us to make decisions. In the end we also decided to buy donor eggs to guarantee our chances of successfully fertilized embyos and the opportunity to transfer. They had a very helpful catalogue of donors with photos, personal information and success rates etc. None of my eggs made it to full embryo status so in the end we were so thankful we fertilized donor eggs simultaneously. We moved forward with those healthy embryos and transfered. It brings me to tears to say that it was successful and today we have a happy and healthy baby girl born on June 6th, 2021. The LIV team asked about my progress throughout the pregnancy as I continued with a local OBGYN in my town. They have always been extemely responsive by text which made a huge difference in the beginning. Their pricing is reasonable. We are really looking foward to going back in a year to make our second transfer with our frozen embryos and continue to grow our family! The LIV fertility center is an outstanding facility and team. They are using progressive strategies and always made us feel comfortable. They handled each surgical procedure delicately and there is no better place than Puerto Vallarta to get pregnant! My parents own a condo in town and would be happy to host anyone going through the IVF process. Thank you Dra. Edna, Karla, Gisele, Alonso and team!!! You are the best and we are so thrilled to be parents to our little Robin Eleonor!

Robin, Our IVF Miracle! Shannon Le Beau