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livpk16min“My wife and I went to Puerto Vallarta for traveling. But gone to LIV Fertility Centre. State of the art facility. We had tried other places few times in BELLINGHAM. USA But after meeting Dr. Stetson and Dr. Velez Perez we felt we were at the right place in the right hands given to them by mighty God. Right from the starting with co-ordinations awesome response. Every question was answered thoroughly. Doctors personally respond to everything we asked for. Great thing was no hidden charges. That was all in January,2018…Doctors filled us up with what we needed to do for next month and a half we did prep with their help and they did the awesome job. March 17th did the embryo transfer. I wasn’t even there. Whole team took initiative to do the best out of the best and here we go April 4th 2nd beta test and we are pregnant. Couldn’t have done without you guys. Shout out to Karla, Sofia, Alonso and Giselle too many names to mention but to the whole staff. Thank you and God bless you. I would highly recommend these world friendly team. P.S:- A special thanks to Dr. Sonny Stetson. My friend you and Dr. Velez Perez are two angels sent by Almighty to give this world a new hope. Can’t Thank you enough. But can say one thing out loud. “GOD MAKE SOME MORE OF THESE TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.”

Paul & Kim (Canada) April 2018