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LIV Fertility helped make our God Story our little miracle. Before coming to LIV my wife, Sabrina, and I had been through 2 failed IVF attempts with other US-based IVF Clinics setting us back about $60k. But the money wasn’t the issue there… it was the fact the embryos didn’t even survive to the point of implantation. We were called up (at the other clinics) saying “your eggs died… when can we set you up for payment to try again?” – the literal ground shook and the sound of the Earth split… if you have been through this – you know exactly what I’m talking about. We got linked up with LIV and they said they had techniques at their clinic that are cutting edge. Techniques aside… the staff is extremely loving and understanding, especially considering how apprehensive we’re giving our previous experience… We ended up with 8 eggs that were A+ quality!!!!! We implanted 2 and one is now 24 weeks and a fully healthy baby girl!!!! We truly believe this is God working through LIV TO MAKE MIRACLES happen. I hope this message finds people of faith… I hope if you’re looking for a miracle that you reach out to LIV and talk to them … our lives have such Joy now as we finally get to experience pregnancy together as a couple and will have our first child born this November! Thank you LIV… and thank you to the owner for helping to make this so possible.

Our God Story Our Little Miracle – Sabrina & Louis