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“Well, it’s official! We will begin round 2 of IVF next week. We leave for Puerto Vallarta on Saturday and will get to live by the beach for a few weeks!
We chose LIV Fertility Center for this next adventure and here’s why. They took the time to answer all questions and made us feel like family, they did not rush us through the appointment, we met the entire staff, the staff was calm and positive, they took care of all necessary bloodwork and paperwork that same day, super friendly, price, answers emails promptly, will assist with living arrangements, will assist you with any request(I had a sinus infection while I was there and they recommended where to go), a second transfer is included in price, all medications included, and they offer to give you the shots at no extra cost.
We are excited, nervous and anxious for round 2. Its emotional and the physical toll it takes on my body is less than fun. I still have numb butt cheeks from round 1. But overall super excited and ready for baby Valadez to join our family.
I’ve been asked, why not take a break. Well, because I want nothing more than to be a mom and time is not my friend. I have a low egg reserve, so the longer I wait, the harder it will be. Yes it is hard, but for us, it’s worth it.
Thank you to my friends and family for being so supportive! Ready for the next chapter to begin ♥️
To my fellow babes that are thinking of IVF and want to inquire about Mexico please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll give you my honest truth about my experience and what led me to this path.”

Liz Jimenez & Alfredo Valadez / September 2020