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“Everybody is here to help you — from the hotel to the clinic staff, Puerto Vallarta is a very beautiful and safe place.

At LIV Fertility Center, I hadn’t faced any language barrier — the team speaks English fluently. The whole team makes you feel very comfortable, almost like you’ve been a patient for years.

Our patient coordinator Alonso is truly understanding of what this journey means to me and my partner, and he was always there to give us answers and detailed information.

Dr. Edna Amaro is very passionate, detailed, and patient with us. She literally will draw it out on paper for you to understand everything!

The difference between IVF clinics in the USA and here in Mexico is first of all the price, but also the honest and truthful approach we got here at LIV.

I would recommend to everyone looking for an IVF treatment, to look broader than the USA. In my case, I and my wife Vanessa were blessed to become part of the LIV’s family at Puerto Vallarta!” — Stacey Corria, California (USA)

IVF Experience with ROPA Method