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Update: Gama & Patricia gave birth to twin girls — Maria & Aria

When my husband and I found out we had to have IVF we thought it would be a long time before we could afford to do it. When we found the LIV Fertility Center, it was a miracle for us because with their prices, we could start the journey of becoming parents much sooner than we thought. From start to finish, I feTwinGirlsLIVlt so taken care of by everyone at the clinic. The nurses and the staff always greeted me and helped with anything I needed, and you knew that the doctors really cared about your well-being.  I could contact them any time, and they were always happy to answer all of my many questions. What started out as being a scary experience, they turned into a wonderful journey. As I left the clinic for the last time, I didn’t know if I was pregnant or not, but I felt such a gratitude for everyone there no matter the outcome.  I knew that they did everything possible for me, and really cared for me.  I am so grateful to them for that.  And now, because of that wonderful experience in Puerta Vallarta, I am pregnant for the first time, with TWINS!  Thank you LIV Fertility Center! We just got back from the doctor and we were told everything looks really good. Both babies have their own placenta and were wiggling all over.


Gama & Patricia (Utah) June 2017