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“Hello my name is Raisa and together with my husband Diego, we started the path to parenthood. For some years we are trying to have babies. In 2011, I conducted a reversal of fallopian tubes, everything went well, in 2012 we had a expontaneo not knowing that we were pregnant abortion was a tough time, followed in 2015 we had a second expontaneo abortion. After that we had everything ready for a first cycle of IVF when the doctor realized that in studies of blood came out positive for mutant genetacion of cystic fibrosis, or whether we carry and because of that our dream of having drinks froze, we had lost all hope when suddenly one day searching the internet I found the center of Liv Fertility center in Puerto Vallarta, I encourage you to call, really do not think twice when you call me well looked after and explained step by step all my doubts and questions, I was very happy to have found them. In 2016, we made our first trip to Puerto Vallarta, that joy to come and meet all Dr. Stetson was one of the people who took our order. We started ovarian stimulation and to our surprise my ovaries did not respond well, the Dr.Stetson was very sincere and very kind to us, treated us like we were family, not patients, we explain step by step what we should do, then back we Florida and after about 3 months returned to our second family because we also try to LIV, we started with stimulation and we did well got 22 eggs, which happy we were, all taxes well, so we had to wait for the outcome of PGD to know how many embryos we were due to genetic mutation that both are carriers. The wait was long but we finally we were six embryos, joy and happiness, the first transfer was last year 2016 we had a positive, but we did not give up. In this year 2017, we returned for a second transfer and wow they think positive, but I ended up being an ectopic in the right tube, and truth are devastated but not lose faith. Thanks to Dr.Stetson and Dr.Velez and others who no longer are we are very grateful and very happy to have found the center, not only for the economic side, but also they treat you like family, support you, give you the best advice. It’s no question we would choose again and again LIV, unrepentant, but with much faith, because we know and trust them to fulfill our dream of having our baby. Thanks Dr. Stetson, Dr. Velez, Alonso Marin, Gisel Soriano, our embryologist Karla Martin Del Campo, Maria Luisa, Ana, and in general all those who work in the clinic, there are no words that can describe what my husband and I feel every time we go to Puerto Vallarta. We recommend it to all couples who will embark on their dream of parenthood, do not hesitate even a second as it is a reality they are interested in helping others and form our families. LIV, Thank you a thousand times thank you for being part of our lives. No more Raisa and Diego.

Diego & Raisa (Florida) June 2017