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How does a blade of grass thank the sun? We experienced unsuccessful fertility treatment in the USA and were not blessed with a pregnancy. After careful research we decided to visit LIV.

Today was the implantation. As I am writing this, it is not yet clear if we will be blessed with a family. Some things are beyond the control of humans.

I can speak to the things that I observed and experienced during our journey here.

1.) Facility was immaculately clean. I can only compare it to the facilities we utilized on the East Coast, and this facility was sanitary. I have some experience with clean rooms and sterile laboratory conditions as a result of my profession.

2.) LIV was punctual. We were on time for our appointments and LIV was on time to see us. They were professionals and as a result the clinic operates efficiently which made our experience smooth.

3.) Communication was excellent. We had a few bumps getting our medical records delivered in a timely fashion to the clinic. In fact, our Dr. in the USA has still not provided the full medical records to us. LIV was able to work around this and get us moving forward with several communications to clarify and communicate our complicated medical history.

4.) Respect for urgency. Time is of the essence in this endeavor and I was impressed with their momentum. We picked LIV and were able to begin the process rapidly.

5.) The medical staff had real genuine smiles. The people working here are wonderful and had real conversations with us. I want to hug everyone from the office. The humanity and warmth I felt moves me deeply. We had a long path to get here and I wish we had arrived here first.

6.) We will return for another visit. If this pregnancy sticks or if it doesn’t, we will be returning. I am praying that when we return there will be three of us. Regardless of the outcome, we will be returning (hopefully for a second child). If this implantation doesn’t stick, we will be back.

7.) Not overcrowded. When undergoing care in the USA, we experienced “standing room only” lobby conditions. As these things require numerous trips, it is nice to have a bit of space. LIV wasn’t overcrowded.

8.) Other couples and solo patients from here and abroad. In the waiting rooms we did make a few friends. People with similar experiences who were from all social and economic classes. We had saved up to afford this treatment and this clinic was a good mix of blue and white collar patients. It felt like a place where everyone is cheering for everyone and we are all in this together.

9.) Hope. They gave us hope to start a family. Hope is priceless, and I thank them for this.

Thanks for everything, this review is the least I could do!

Bradley G. shares their experience at LIV Fertility Center!