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Words cannot fully express my gratitude to all the incredible staff at LIV for the amazing experience we have had on our IVF journey. From day one Sergio has gone above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns we may have in moving forward. My husband and I had a horrible experience with The Who the US considers/labels as the number one IVF doctor. We knew our desire to expand our family had to become greater than our fear. We did not know who to trust or where to begin. After our consultation with Dr. Edna, she answered all our questions, concerns and most importantly was transparent with our personal situation. We then proceeded to begin our journey to trust that there actually was a doctor who took pride in loving others by enabling them to increase their families. The loving supportive staff then set us up with our coordinator Alonso, he has gone above and beyond in every direction this process has taken us and assisted even when we lost our own donor just days before we were scheduled to begin. He had a plan and with Dr. Edna we felt secure in their care to proceed with a slightly modified but customized plan specifically made in my best interest. I love this team and all their staff as you are not just another number but they treat you as family. Through all the twists and turns they have been by our side! What I value most is open communication through the WhatsApp and the regular customized treatment to give our family the best outcome possible! Thank you to the whole family of LIV as we are hoping for the best outcome with these knowledgeable incredible souls!

Amber Mason