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I came to LIV Fertility Clinic from California to escape the high, uninsured medical costs related to infertility treatment. The patient coordinators, support staff, and doctors are all very accessible at LIV Fertility Center, and are very responsive. The access to personalized care is a breath of fresh air because I was used to Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s infertility clinic in Sacramento which is a very busy clinic with over worked staff and you can’t hardly talk to anyone, much less and nurse or doctor, and they always hussle you out of appointments. Whether my IVF is successful or not, I recommend coming here. There is no question that the quality of medicine and quality of care rivals that of the United States and the personal attention they give you is above what I have received in the US. I also believe they are more honest, straightforward, and upfront with you here about your treatment. As always, when seeking medical treatment, I do recommend asking a lot of questions and making sure you understand what is going on. On a separate note, the clinic is beautiful Nuevo Vallarta, across from the beach and situated near many great places to stay for and extended period of time.

Amanda Kosla