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Wow, where to start… The LIV Fertility Center is beautiful and state of the art, nicer than any facility we went to in the United States (we went to many over the last five years). Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are truly amazing human beings. The entire staff were available to us 100% of the time, day or night. Words can’t descried how happy we are with our experience with them and their help in our journey to parenthood. At every step they have exceeded our expectations and delivered a quality and compassion that was unobtainable from any other clinic we researched and/or visited.
We would strongly encourage any person or couple experiencing fertility issues to select these doctors as your final decision. Lastly, the clinic is located in what my wife and I consider paradise and is 15 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta’s city center. As far as money is concerned we were able to stay 26 days in Mexico, receive two necessary surgeries, have our genetics mapped, all hormone treatments, were tested for full panels on 400+ diseases and paid for all medications for literally half the cost of what we could have done at the most inexpensive clinic in the United States. The only regret we have is that we can only give them 5 stars on this review. At the risk of sounding cheesy, my wife and I feel that Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are as much a part of our family as the children they have made possible for us to have.

Christopher S. – Mar 2016