LIV Pregnancy Success Rates

SUCCESS. High success rates at the LIV Fertility Center are just one benefit of fertility care in Puerto Vallarta. LIV embraces the opportunity to educate intended parents on success rates and provide a realistic outlook on the journey to parenthood.

pregnancy-success-rates It is important for patients to understand that success rates involve many variables, including age, fertility diagnosis, previous failed IVF cycles, quality of eggs and sperm, as well as the number of embryos transferred.

Innovative Fertility Technology

Our leading fertility specialists are persistently researching reproductive medicine, pushing the boundaries of fertility innovation, and striving to increase success rates — further enabling a center of excellence to build families and overcome the perplexing effects of infertility.

IVF Success Rates – Graph 1


US National Average, 2012

LIV Success Rates – Graph 2

LIV Fertility Center, 2016

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LIV Fertility Center, 2016

Pregnancy Success Rates

Rate of pregnancy. The rate of pregnancy for IVF is determined by embryos which are successfully implanted in the uterus and develop a heartbeat.

Rate of live births. Live births resulting from IVF are determined by the number of successful pregnancies that are carried to term and result in the delivery of a live baby, it does not account for miscarriage or stillbirth. Live birth of multiples are accounted as one birth.