LIV International Patient Support

IVF Mexico Team Members 2019The LIV Fertility Center is recognized as one of the top fertility centers worldwide and is persistently a chosen destination for fertility tourism. We immerse our patients in the ever-changing, intrinsic cultures of our facility surroundings and we focus on meticulously reflecting inspiration and encouragement into every LIV journey. Every stage of the journey is a magical moment in the many success stories in Puerto Vallarta.

Perpetual Unscripted Services

Patients travel to the LIV Fertility Center from all over the world. The International Patient Support team provides perpetual unscripted services to inspire patients and fuel the journey ahead. Our team is experienced in assisting patients with travel accommodations, guidance for the curvaceous road ahead — making it as stress-free as possible. In order to provide comprehensive support, the International Patient Support team offers educative resources for our programs, facilitates the coordination of long-distance treatment plans, and provides assistance before and during the invaluable treatment process in Mexico.


International Patient Support Team


Admin Manager

Behind Gisel’s experience and unending passion, LIV patient coordinators provide perpetual unscripted services to inspire patients on their journey to parenthood.


Journey Coordinator

The LIV Fertility Center is made up of world-renowned fertility experts who have helped many individuals realize their dreams of parenthood. Alonso plays an integral role in the step by step process of our LIV journeys.


Journey Coordinator

Sergio joins our extensive LIV support team that includes a devoted panel of Journey Coordinators, experienced clinical coordinators and world-class IVF specialists.


Intl Arrivals Coordinator

Sofia is honored to be a part of the journey our patients embark in their quest for parenthood. Her goal is to be there every step of the way to ensure they are well taken care of. Sofia feels privileged to be able to provide time and effort into each and individual experience of patients at LIV.


Intl Arrivals Coordinator


Journey Coordinator

Ana feels grateful to work in a rewarding field that allows her to help patients build families and have a positive impact on their lives.


LIV CryoBank

Hellmuth oversees the LIV Cryobank. Finding an egg donor or sperm donor shouldn’t be difficult. Hellmuth works tirelessly to make it easier. His attention to detail and passion for helping others gives our IPs and Donors peace of mind.


LIV CryoBank


LIV Admin


LIV Admin

Team Approach to Fertility Treatment

The LIV Fertility Center believes in a team approach to fertility treatment. Every member of our compassionate and devoted team is dedicated to you becoming parents. From our innovative Medical Team to our thriving Support Staff, intended parents are surrounded by a collaborative team of professionals.