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Top 6 Reasons to Choose LIV

We encourage you to connect with us. We LIV to get you to a place you LOVE.

Affordable Treatment.

We honor our commitment to bringing together affordability in an enviable retreat destination. Ask about our all-inclusive treatment packages.

Relaxing Environment.

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s unique cultural surroundings, year-round stunning climate, gorgeous pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions.

IVF-FET Guarantee.

Find peace of mind on your journey to parenthood with our IVF-FET Guarantee, as we understand the monetary weight of IVF treatment and the uncertainties that come with it.

Expert Fertility Specialists.

Our team is driven by intended parents who are chasing a dream, motivated by fertility technology and innovation and an inclusive commitment to advancing pregnancy success rates.

Modernistic Clinic.

Located inside the prestigious San Javier Hospital, our state-of-the-art fertility clinic offers modern indulgences and contemporary architecture.

We Believe in You.

It’s that simple. Believe in LIV. We believe in you.


Fertility Excellence with LIV

Mexico's Leading IVF Center in Puerto Vallarta

At LIV, our fertility specialists are some of the most renowned experts in the field. Our center believes in a team approach to fertility treatment. We trust in our multiple and complimentary medical disciplines to lead you on your journey to pregnancy success. Our goal is to provide you affordable and safe fertility care in Mexico — saving you nearly 50% when compared to the United States and Canada. Both inside and outside of the center — LIV gives you the confidence to explore and enjoy an intimate experience in Puerto Vallarta.

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Our Specialty Services


In vitro fertilization

The field of In vitro Fertilization (IVF) has made dramatic advances in the past several years, LIV is pleased to provide our patients with the most innovative technology available.

Egg Donation

donor oocytes

Our elite and diverse egg donor program at LIV provides an integral option for treating women with infertility who otherwise would not be able to conceive on their own.

Gender Selection

family balancing

With the vast improvements in gender selection technology and a greater demand for gender selection, the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta has set the bar for itself — and the entire industry.

Infertility Diagnosis

finding the factors

Whether the diagnosis is related to male infertility or female infertility, the LIV Fertility Center takes a team approach to help you cope with the pressure.

LIV Fertility Center Awards

July 2016 — Dr. Sonny J. Stetson was recently awarded the Top Fertility Specialist of 2016 award by the Leading Physicians of the World (LPW).

Meet Dr. Stetson