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GUIDANCE. The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to offering treatments for pregnancy success — and we pride ourselves on consistently having excellent IVF success rates in women 40 years and older.

ivf-over-40 It is well-known that age affects a women’s ability to conceive. Women over the age of 40 have been shown to have worse outcomes with assisted reproductive techniques (ART) than younger women, in terms of both response to ovarian stimulation and pregnancy rates. With chronologic aging, ovarian aging also occurs, defined as a decrease in ovarian number and quality.

Is Pregnancy Possible After 40

It is extremely common for a woman to consider having a baby after 40. At LIV, we specialize in helping women over 40 become pregnant with their own eggs using a treatment plan best suited to their individual clinical circumstances. In 2015, nearly half of all of our patients were between the ages of 41-50+ years old.

For women over 40, the most common cause of infertility is low ovarian reserve (LOR), a condition that is characterized by a low number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries and/or impaired development of the existing eggs. A diagnosis of LOR in women over 40 needs to be made rapidly so that effective treatment can quickly be followed.

LIV Fertility Center sees many women who have postponed treatments for LOR while undergoing a sequence of tests at other reproductive centers. Regrettably, without advanced timely treatments, the probabilities of pregnancy after age 40 begins to diminish. Every day, our team is saddened to hear from our patients, “Doctor, I wish I’d known about your center years ago, when I was doing such and such…”

As the leading IVF clinic in Mexico — we combine a team of experts with on-going research studies, and are now considered one of the world’s leading centers for the treatment of LOR.

Treatment Options After 40 — It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late to have a baby.  The LIV Fertility Center provides fertility treatment through IVF, IVF with genetic testing or IVF with donor eggs. Once a woman reaches 40, her chances of pregnancy decline.  There are fewer eggs available in the ovaries, and their quality is reduced – as is the quality of the embryo after fertilization.

Here at LIV, there are a number of ways we can help with IVF over 40 and help women have a successful pregnancy:

Hormone therapy is used to stimulate the development of several follicles in the ovary. These are collected as eggs, which are then fertilized in a test-tube (in vitro) to create several embryos.

After a few days in an incubator (between two and six), the embryos are carefully checked using a well-established grading system by our state-of-the-art laboratory. The best one or two are transferred through the vagina to the uterus, where they are hoped to implant to begin a pregnancy.

Success rates decline with age, but we are happy to treat women up to the age of 50+ with their donor eggs, depending on consultation with one of our specialists.  You should, however, keep in mind that after 44 there is a less than 5 percent chance of achieving a pregnancy, and around a 90 percent chance of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities.

Age Limits for IVF Treatments at LIV

Most US IVF clinics have a strict age requirement when using women are using their own eggs for IVF treatment. Typically, this is between the ages of 42 and 45. Donor eggs are generally used until the age of 49, while some programs will still do it after the age of 50.

It is important to note that the age of the eggs is extremely important. The age of the uterus carrying the embryos is not important. At LIV, our age maximum for IVF using own eggs is 45 (no IVF with own eggs after the 46th birthday).

Here at the LIV Fertility Center, we have options for you. Learn more about our IVF over 40 program by contacting us today.

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