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 The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to providing the best overall experience on the journey to parenthood.

Experience what could be in your future with the LIV Fertility Center. We recognize that it’s not just about the journey, but also what is shared.

For anyone struggling to start a family, these stories provide a testament to the expert fertility options and solutions we are providing at LIV.

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Every shared story below introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday — and to the families we are building with each step.

LSF (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats! LIV Patients, LSF, are pregnant.

AAE (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats! AAE is pregnant with triplets — 2 boys & 1 girl.  

DCP (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats to DCP — 14 weeks pregnant.

Sam & Tiffany (California) May 2017

Update: Tiffany and Sam gave birth to a healthy, adorable baby boy — Parker. We found Ivfinmexico on line and were a little cautious about traveling outside the US for IVF treatment as we've been used to seeing doctors in the US, over the past 3 years. There was no need for caution as we could not have had a better, more attentive and caring experience from all the medical staff.  We felt very comfortable every step of the way. We are so grateful we found Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores. They made us feel very welcome and patiently responded to our questions. They both went the extra mile and made themselves available to us any time of the day and night.   The IVF clinic uses the latest technology and the doctors and embryologists have incredible expertise in the world of fertility.  My husband and I couldn't been happier with our choice. From the moment I began emailing Gisela, inquiring about IVF procedures to the moment we left Mexico, every step of our journey was made stress free from the team. My husband and I turned the medical trip into a mini honeymoon! We fell in love Puerto Vallarta. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We only wish we came to the IVF clinic in Puerto Vallarta a long time ago! You have made us a family and my sleep is suffering due to sheer excitement as I can't wait to meet our baby boy!!

Christopher & Michelle (Oregon) - May 2017

UPDATE: The Standings gave birth to precious twin boys — Keenan Leal Standings and Liam Stetson Standings!! The boys were named after Fertility Doctor, Dr. Flores and LIV Doctor, Dr. Sonny J. Stetson. This holiday season I have a lot to be thankful for. Of course I'm grateful for my wonderful family and friends but I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Flores, Dr. Stetson and the amazing staff at LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After years of trying on our own (without success) to become parents and hearing all the empathetic "it will happen" or "miracles happen" we decided to start our treatment for infertility. Our journey began with regular doctor visits then specialist visits then finally a referral to a fertility center. We went to several fertility centers in and around Portland and at each one we were ushered straight to the financial advisor each time prior to any visit with a doctor. We were given several estimates as far as costs, all of which were far beyond our economic means. We were told that conceiving children would never happen for us naturally and our only option was IVF. We became discouraged and decided to take time and think about our options and process our devastating news. We took about a year before we started our search again and it was during a casual conversation with my sister on the issue she suggested we look into international IVF clinics, surly somewhere offered IVF that was affordable. I contacted five international clinics, two in Mexico. Out of all the clinics I emailed, four responded but only one had a representative call me and leave a message on my voicemail. Alonso was really nice, informative, and wished us luck on our journey to parenthood. So I called him back. We spoke several times and he emailed promptly answering any and all my questions. I researched two final clinics: their success rates, patient experiences, credentials and final costs for each possible procedure we would have to go through. I picked LIV because I had a good feeling about them and once we began the process my relationship with Alonso became much closer as I constantly called and emailed him with more questions, concerns and for advice on travel arrangements. He always called me back and was always so friendly and informative, I truly felt comfortable in our decision to go with LIV. We were able to Skype with the doctors prior to visiting and everything was laid out on a calendar of events and all costs (including medication) was explained before hand for us to budget. They made the process easy and made us feel like family working together for the same goal, and not just a number. Our visit to Puerto Vallarta was surreal: it was a vacation where we focused on us and not work or every day life. It was a paradise setting that helped us relax and enjoy our IVF process as a joyous occasion instead of the pressure of our fears and worries weighing down on us. We absolutely love Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores as well as the entire staff at the clinic. We joked, laughed, cried, hugged and thanked them time and time again during our IVF process. They encouraged us, gave us advice, worked with us every step of the way and even said a prayer. Which really meant the world to us since we were looking for doctors who really cared and wanted us to be parents as much as we did. We ended up transferring two blastocysts that stuck, became embryos and now 14 week fetal twins I'm successfully carrying. We have really been blessed and we are truly grateful. There really isn't enough I could say or write about these doctors or our experience that fully expresses our feelings of gratitude for them or the whole experience. So if you are reading this long Facebook post and have been searching for the right IVF clinic for your infertility treatment, please give LIV a call or email. I promise you will have made the right decision. If you have any more questions about our personal experience feel free to FB message me privately and I would be more than happy to answer any questions, I know that infertility can feel lonely and that no one understands but I do. And THANK YOU, LIV Fertility Center... I wish we could do more to show our gratitude for having you in our life.


Silke (California) May 2017

I am very excited to be here  at LIV in PV . I am so excited because I will get my IVF done this week and i so hope everything will be successful and I will become a mom. I have been waiting a very long time with my decision to have a family and was very happy to be accepted by Dr Stetson and his amazing team! I am treated like family here. They take time and listen to my questions and are there for me whenever I need them. I create music and they create life !!! I am very happy they were my first choice   While looking for IVF. Thank you Dr Stetson and thank you to the whole team at IVF. You are amazing!!

Billy Joe & Cynthia (California) May 2017

Update: Cynthia is now 12 weeks pregnant.

Richard & Sarah (Canada) April 2017

We were happy to spend time with LIV Fertility Center Patients, Richard & Sarah. Sarah is the author of , 'My Resilience' — a courageous story about her life, being born in Sudan Africa, raised in Cuba, and settling with her husband in Canada. One small girl against the world. It's quite a journey; you'll be amazed, awed, comforted and uplifted by her story and her resilience.

Bret & Erika (California) April 2017

LIV Fertility Center Patients, Bret & Erika, are 6 weeks pregnant.

Ilse (Mexico) April 2017

Congrats! Ilse is pregnant with twins.

Nestalier & Iliana (Florida) March 2017

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication."  

LV (New Mexico) February 2017

LIV Fertility Center Patients, LV.


Juan & Veronica (Mexico) February 2017

Baby Juan Pablo to loving parents Juan & Veronica on October 20, 2016. The parents captured this 'forever moment' on video to share with the world.  

JM (North Dakota) February 2017

Zach & Laura (Montana) February 2017

Jason & Jannai (Colorado) February 2017


Iocen & Mirelys (Florida) February 2017

Luis & Family (Mexico) January 2017

Adorable Triplets!!!

Ashleigh (California) December 2016

The Doctors and Staff at LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta changed my life for the better.  I want to share about how positive my experience has been in order to offer hope to other women. I sought help from LIV Fertility Center for Oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing). I am 36 years old and I still do not know whether I want to have a biological child or not. I am someone who really values options. It is an incredibly expensive procedure in the U.S. and a very affordable one in Mexico.  I am so happy that I did this. This was a very personal decision that ultimately brought me tremendous peace of mind. I want to let those of you who may not know that there are affordable and safe options for fertility outside of the U.S. There are so many choices in this world that are more accessible than many of us think. I only became aware of this in the last 6 months and I am so grateful that I did.  i do just want to mention that the medication prices were more expensive than I had anticipated so just speak with the doctors initially to get a better approximation if you have any financial concerns. This was and is a really big deal to me and I really want to express my gratitude openly.  The Doctors and Staff are incredibly professional, helpful and highly qualified.  They took such good care of me and I highly recommend working with Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores. The staff are so friendly and were always available for any of my questions or concerns.  The treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. The facilities are better than many of the medical offices I have visited in the U.S.  I could not be more pleased with my decision.  Thank you so much LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta.

Cayce (Canada) November 2016

What can I say about LIV?  From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave you’re treated like family.  I started my infertility journey in Canada where I was treated like nothing more than a number and a pay-cheque.  The difference is incredible.  The doctors and staff at LIV are incredible people who go above and beyond for their patients.  My journey with them has only just begun and I am so happy to have them be a part of it.

Manuel & Maria (Mexico) November 2016

Perfect Location. Charismatic. Excellent treatment, very professional, personnel is very attentive and very friendly. The clinic is very clean and comfortable. Working with the doctors at LIV, you feel at home in a friendly environment and they inspire a lot of confidence. They explain each and every step of the procedure thoroughly. They are bi-lingual and can communicate perfectly in English or Spanish while being firm and clear. The difference between this fertility center and others we have visited is the fact that the doctors and staff at LIV Fertility Center care about our necessity and they assist us each step of the way. We recommend LIV Fertility Center 100%.

Elizabeth (Mexico) November 2016

Elizabeth is 19 weeks pregnant.

Jose & Belen (Mexico) November 2016

Very excited my wife got pregnant on the first attempt. Very happy with the results. Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson have been  very helpful. I recommend, highly recommend, LIV Fertility Center.

Miguel - Feb-2015

I recommend the LIV Fertility Center to anyone considering IVF abroad without any reservations. After countless IUI's and failed IVF's over 6 years in the USA and Asia, we had just about lost hope that we would ever conceive. Like many of you reading this post, my wife and I googled IVF in Mexico and found Dr. Horacio Vega, LIV Fertility Center. In December of 2012, we filled out a request to receive information and were contacted by Gisel Soriano, Coordinator. Although, I speak fluent Spanish, my wife only speaks English. Gisel is Bilingual, speaks fluent English and this eased any of our concerns. Gisel was heaven sent. She was professional, kind, patient and very knowledgable. She answered all of our questions and responded to emails promptly. We felt like Gisel and Dr. Vega were ethical people we could trust. And you just can't beat their prices! We decided to give IVF in Mexico a try. Dr. Vega reviewed our medical records and lab results. After carefully studying our case, Dr. Vega felt confident we were good candidates for IVF. Gisel coordinated our treatment based on my wife's cycle, assisted us with obtaining and filling RX prescriptions for fertility meds and provided us with plenty of recommendations for hotel accommodations. In the Spring of 2013, we flew to Mexico for the procedure. Gisel contracted a driver to pick us up at the airport, take us to our hotel to check in and then to our first appointment. Dr. Vega, Gisel and staff provided excellent medical care and a wonderful IVF experience. We returned to the states and 2 weeks later, we received the wonderful news that my wife was pregnant. We are happy to announce that in November of 2013, my wife gave birth to our healthy and beautiful baby girl. We are so happy and feel so blessed to be parents. We are not trying to sell anyone on Mexico or this particular clinic. We just felt that American clients might appreciate hearing a testimonial from someone they can relate to. We will be retuning to see Dr. Vega later this year at the new, state of the art clinic in Puerto Vallarta for another round of IVF. Our baby girl can use a little brother or sister. Good luck to all of you reading this and may God bless you on your journey to parenthood.

Carolin - Apr-2015

very professional, with quite a lot of explanations about the baby.

Kgyger - May-2015

The staff at Liv fertility was amazing! I was mid Ivf cycle and on vacation but required monitoring for medication adjustments. Gisel was able to coordinate with my Dr. In the states and arrange my appt. Dr. Horacio was very informative and professional. I recommend this facility for any puerto Vallarta or US individual going through IVF.

Guenadi M. - May-2015

I was treated very well by the staff. They gave all the necessary explanation and answered all of my questions.

Ry - Jul-2015

What a professional group of people. My experience was great . Starting from Gisel to any one that came in contact with me has been nice and considerate. Thank you Ana, Zaida , Doc and Elizabeth. Thank you

Lynne - Sep-2015

From first contact to procedure completion and beyond, the interaction with all staff was amazing. They are extremely attentive to your questions and concerns, every call, text and email was responded to within minutes to a hour - many times speaking directly to Dr.Vega. Everyone at the clinic is deeply invested in the successful outcome of your procedure, very caring and compassionate. You will always be greeted with a hug, a friendly smile, a concerned question as to your well being. The clinic itself is located in a very nice, modern hospital on the top floor and is extremely clean and well thought out. The staff all speak English to varying degrees with front desk administrative assistant Zaida providing excellent translation skills with the clinical staff who do not. If you have need of using donor eggs, you will be provided an extensive bio with pictures upon your choosing of one or more donors and the same goes for sperm donors. We had gone through the Colorado center for reproductive medicine years before and were extremely disappointed in our experience - cold, clinical, we saw the original doctor once during initial visit and only clinical Staff for all treatment, diagnostics, etc after, any questions we had went through the doctors administrative assistant and response times varied between 6 hours to three days. The focus was on up selling services and money - not the person , not the family you were trying to create. After our procedure at LIV, back home when questions, concerns and issues arose we received immediate (even late evening and weekends) texts, calls and emails and nearly always were connected with Dr. Vega to discuss the issue. Other clinics, once you're done with procedure, direct you to contact your gp or ob/gyn. We still email and call if we have questions or symptoms we are worried about, and this is over 5 weeks later. Gisele or Julieta always respond with kindness and concern , Dr. Vega always responds with medical guidance. The lab director, Karla, is deeply committed to your embryos and truly mothers them through each moment of life - she will even provide you with pictures of your growing embryos with dates on high quality photo stock. We would absolutely recommend others to contact LIV in Puerto Vallarta and plan to use them for all ivf procedures.

Catherine - Sep-2015

I am happy to report that it has been a great experience working with everyone at LIV Fertility Center.  Their friendly staff really helps relieve the anxiety of going through an IVF procedure.  Doctor Horacio was kind and understanding with all my questions and concerns and made me feel at ease.  Trust me, I had tons of questions.  My husband and I interviewed a couple of fertility centers in Mexico.  LIV fertility’s quick response and follow up with all our inquisitions is what made us pick their company. Gisel was great and wonderful to work with. She is definitely a great asset to the company along with Zaida who took care of all of my paperwork needs.  I highly recommend working with LIV.  Their expertise paired with their compassion and true passion to help people with their fertility issues are just a few of many good reasons to use LIV fertility Center.