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Karl K. -June 2016

My husband and I have been to two different clinics in Canada. With two failed results. Not only did the doctors in Canada treat us like another "job" in and out, and months of waiting for appointments they also seemed to care more about making a buck than the actual problem. LIV fertility center were extremely professional however gave a sense of security and friendship. They really are passionate helping infertile couples fulfill there life time dreams of having a child. Not only was the price of IVF substantially less but also the care from the staff was amazing and clinic was immaculate and you could tell they took pride in their clinic. We finally had our first positive in five years of trying with our first attempt at LIV. Also were able to freeze two embryos (which we never have been able to do before) We had heavy bleeding in the first five weeks, although the distance did not effect the medical advice and instructions. The doctors called us as soon as they heard the news and continue to check in on us throughout the night and into the weekend. Julieta one of the staff was texting as well just to see how we were coping. Thank you LIV and staff for the amazing treatment and sincerity. You were honest, you did not take us for granted and you most certainly were not interested in just our money. My husband and I are grateful we took the leap and chose your clinic, many people are always hesitant to go out of Country for help however it was the best choice we have ever made. I would be happy and eager to recommend your clinic to anyone going through the same struggles.

Katherine - August 2016

Dear Dr Stetson and Zaida, I hope this finds you well. Last December you may remember I was visiting Vallarta from the UK following ivf treatment at home. You kindly agreed to scan as well as take bloods which you then sent to my clinic in London without me being an existing patient. As promised, I wanted to update and thank you for your care during this early stage of my pregnancy. My son was born on the 29th July weighing 6.6lbs and we are overjoyed. I would be grateful if you could thank your team and show them these photos. Best wishes