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MOMENTS. Discover the moments that matter most when you LIV for the journey.

 The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to providing the best overall experience on the journey to parenthood.

Experience what could be in your future with the LIV Fertility Center. We recognize that it’s not just about the journey, but also what is shared.

For anyone struggling to start a family, these stories provide a testament to the expert fertility options and solutions we are providing at LIV.

Experience the LIV Way

Every shared story below introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday — and to the families we are building with each step.

KM (Texas) November 2018

Welcome LIV patient, KM!

CM and LG (North Carolina) October 2018

Welcome our great LIV patients, CG and LG!

DM and GM (California) September 2018

Welcome LIV Patients, DM and GM!

Paola and Armando (Pto. Vallarta) October 2018

We are happy to share the honor our Reproductive specialist, Dr. Velez, has to have been invited to be part of this very SPECIAL day by our beloved LIV Patients Paola and Armando. Let us celebrate LIV baby, RENATA ISABELLA on her day!

Zaldy & Iezl (California) September 2018

Welcome LIV patients, Zaldy and Iezl!

OH BOY! (California) September 2018

Meet little JONAH, who just got his LIV onesie! A special thanks to our dear LIV patients, Cynthia and Billy Joe, for sharing this beautiful picture with us!

FULL-HOUSE! WELCOME BACK to the Clark Family! (California) September 2018

We are happy to have the Clarks here, with little RYAN MICHAEL meeting his LIV Family!


Fazila and Jawid Shaghel (California) August 2018

We thank our AMAZING LIV patients Fazila and Jawid for sharing their experience with LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and their stay at our exclusive LIV accommodation: PENTHOUSE 508! We appreciate your kind words!

CONGRATULATIONS SEATTLE! (Washington) August 2018

We are happy to announce that our beloved LIV patients Svetlana and Brahim are the proud perents to be of a twin baby GIRL AND baby BOY! Congratulations for these WONDERFUL additions to our LIV Family!

Rosalba and Noe (Texas) August 2018

Congratulations to the Camacho family for completing their IVF cycle here at LIV Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Ed and Erica (USA) August 2018

Congrats! Ed and Erica welcomed gorgeous baby girls, Shay and Skye. Welcome to this beautiful world.

Adrienne (USA) August 2018

Our excited and loving patient Adrienne shares the 'big reveal' on her family's decision to pursue fertility treatment in Mexico and why she chose the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta.

Osyeli & Victor (USA) June 2018

Meet Romina — Daughter to Osyeli & Victor of Oklahoma. "She’s more than we could have ever imagined. We are truly blessed. We want to thank you and everyone at the clinic. This would have never been possible without you all."

Brahim & Svetlana (USA) June 2018

Congrats to Brahim & Svetlana — expecting TWINS.

Wayne & Joyce (USA) June 2018

Welcome LIV patients, Wayne & Joyce.

Jolly (Australia) May 2018

Welcome LIV patient Jolly.

Phil & Briana (USA) May 2018

Welcome LIV patients Phil & Briana.

Chris & Kimberly (USA) May 2018

Welcome our LIV patients, Chris and Kimberly.

Jaime & Rebecca (USA) May 2018

Welcome our loving LIV patients, Jaime & Rebecca.

David & Kayte (California) May 2018

Update: David & Kayte delivered a healthy baby boy, Ryan. "Good evening Dr. Stetson. We are ready for baby #2 but need your help... Thank you to you and LIV." "I pray and thank God for you and your facility! You guys at LIV have made our dreams come true. And we tell everyone about your dedications with us. We wish you could have delivered Ryan, you are priceless Dr. Stetson!" "For 1,265 days we prayed for a child. After countless tests, procedures and medications, we finally got our little blessing. LIV Fertility Center made this all possible. Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are two of the most amazing, humble doctors I have ever met. They never talked "over us" and explained, in detail, every single step of our IVF journey. The nurses, April and Anna became our friends after being in everyday for blood work and injections. The  anesthesiologist and embryologist calmed my nerves before egg retrieval and transfer and Esther and Victoria up front made us feel so incredibly welcomed from the moment the doors opened; We walked in terrified to start this journey and left knowing that every single person at LIV was cheering us on and working as hard as we were to make our dream come true. Our first round of IVF was unsuccessful. However, this didn't deter the doctors at all. We made a plan to try a more aggressive round the second time, thus resulting in our positive pregnancy, plus six more embryos waiting for us. If it weren't for this facility, my husband and I would still be devastated, wondering "why us"? There will never be enough words to thoroughly explain my husband's and my gratitude to this incredible facility. Thank you LIV for believing in us, as we believed in you. We can't wait to send you pictures of our little boy, due October 6th, 2017. We can't begin to thank you and your staff enough and faith in us since the beginning."

Daniel & Sharon (USA) April 2018

Update: Daniel & Sharon are Expecting! Congrats!! Welcome LIV Patient, Sharon, from the USA (Midwest). Thank you for choosing LIV.

Paul & Kim (Canada) April 2018

"My wife and I went to Puerto Vallarta for traveling. But gone to LIV Fertility Centre. State of the art facility. We had tried other places few times in BELLINGHAM. USA But after meeting Dr. Stetson and Dr. Velez Perez we felt we were at the right place in the right hands given to them by mighty God. Right from the starting with co-ordinations awesome response. Every question was answered thoroughly. Doctors personally respond to everything we asked for. Great thing was no hidden charges. That was all in January,2018...Doctors filled us up with what we needed to do for next month and a half we did prep with their help and they did the awesome job. March 17th did the embryo transfer. I wasn’t even there. Whole team took initiative to do the best out of the best and here we go April 4th 2nd beta test and we are pregnant. Couldn’t have done without you guys. Shout out to Karla, Sofia, Alonso and Giselle too many names to mention but to the whole staff. Thank you and God bless you. I would highly recommend these world friendly team. P.S:- A special thanks to Dr. Sonny Stetson. My friend you and Dr. Velez Perez are two angels sent by Almighty to give this world a new hope. Can’t Thank you enough. But can say one thing out loud. “GOD MAKE SOME MORE OF THESE TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.”

Alex & Carolanne (California) March 2018

Welcome Alex & Carolanne — our adorable LIV patients from California.

Shawn & Tracy (Texas) March 2018

Welcome our amazing LIV Patients, Shawn & Tracy from Houston.

J & S (Canada) February 2018

Our LIV patients, J & S from Canada, are expecting!

Elena (USA) February 2018

Meet our loving LIV patient, Elena, from Florida.

Brenda (USA) February 2018

Our wonderful IP from California, Brenda, is expecting!!    

DMT (California) March 2018

Update: DMT delivered healthy twins — March 2018 In 2017, we learned LIV Fertility Center patients, DMT, were expecting twins.

Shelby (Mexico) February 2018

Shelby welcomed baby girl Chloe on Feb 22. Congrats to you and your family. So beautiful!!

Miguel & Jessica (Texas) February 2018

Update: Miguel & Jessica gave birth to beautiful twin girls — Feb 2018 In 2017, we were happy to welcome LIV Fertility Center Patients, Miguel & Jessica.