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Edgar & Isabella (Mexico) November 2017

Look who turned 1? Baby Alanis (Edgar & Isabella)...

Alejandro & Ana (Mexico) November 2017

Our adorable LIV Patients — Alejandro & Ana — delivered healthy triplets! Congrats!

Luis & Marcela (Mexico) November 2017

Welcome LIV Patients — Luis & Marcela — who are expecting twins.

Winnifred and Fallon (USA) November 2017

Welcome our lovely LIV Patients — Winnifred and Fallon. We are excited to have you here at LIV.

Daniel and Olinda (USA) November 2017

We are honored to welcome LIV Patients — Daniel and Olinda — who are expecting! Congrats!

Joanne (Canada) September 2017

Welcome Joanne — LIV Fertility Center Patient ...and her sisters.

Jeffery & Aisha (USA) September 2017

Welcome Jeffery & Aisha — LIV Fertility Center Patients

Nuño Family (Mexico) August 2017

The Nuño Family is excited to announce an addition to their family — healthy baby girl Matilda.

Alejandro & Martha (Mexico) August 2017

Update: Alejandro & Martha delivered twins! Baby Boy Alejandro & Baby Girl Andrea Congrats to Alejandro & Martha. We are so happy for you.  

TM (Canada) August 2017

Update: TM delivered a healthy baby girl! I am a 43-year-old woman that had a tubal ligation 15 years ago. We decided to use donor eggs from the LIV Fertility Clinic. We were first in contact with LIV from a Google search for a fertility clinic in Mexico. There were a few of clinics we were researching in Mexico from website searches to phone calls. We determined the LIV fertility clinic was the one for us because their staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with all of our questions. There were several reasons why we chose the LIV fertility clinic but the main reason was they were more interested in making us feel comfortable over the phone and through email; the subject of money didn't come into our conversations until we made our decision. We didn't feel pressured to send money to Mexico. This was important to us as we are international patients. Other clinics we were in contact with wanted a deposit right away. The physical location of the clinic is wonderful. With the sunshine and the beach, our experience was amazing. The clinic is located within the hospital. The atmosphere, cleanliness and professionalism is top notch and is equal to what I had experienced at home in Canada. Our first contact was with Alonso. He is an amazing person and answered all of our calls with multiple questions, sometimes twice a day for a month, till we made our decision. He not only helped with fertility questions but also which hotels to stay, what amenities were close by and cultural information about the area. Once we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Stetson was our main contact. He is very professional, thorough with explaining the steps required to prepare for the transfer and answered all questions that we had. He is very personable, has a great sense of humor and made us feel comfortable and welcome at the clinic. Dr. Stetson was with us during the transfer and kept the mood light with playing music I requested "Country" and keeping us relaxed. Dr. Flores looked after all of the medical procedures from the ultrasounds to the transfer. He explained how my body responded to the medications and how the donor eggs had developed after fertilization. He was very patient with us and answered all of our questions. During the transfer, he explained what we saw on the ultrasound screen and told us what to look for when embryos were transferred. He was very gentle with the insertion of the catheter and no anesthetic or freezing was used. After we returned home, we were in close contact with the clinic for the first 12 weeks. It was great to have the support of the clinic during this time with any questions or concerns that had come up. Our transfer was successful on the first try and we are due in August 2017.  

AP (Mexico) August 2017

Welcome LIV patients, AP.

JM (California) November 2016

Update: "Woot!! We are officially 37 weeks now... and full term. Just waiting on her to choose her birth date." JM is having a girl!


Jed & Melody (Arizona) August 2017

Update: Jed & Melody delivered a healthy, strong baby girl — Tatum Grace I am so deeply grateful for having this opportunity in Mexico and for the wonderful staff! My hug bank will forever be full from all the love and care I am receiving. I got to celebrate national Doctors day with everyone! I hardly have words to express my gratitude and appreciation for LIV. This clinic offers world class and affordable care with highly successful doctors, attentive nurses and a brilliant lab technician. The LIV clinic is a beautiful and clean facility that overlooks tropical Puerto Vallarta. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with specialized attention, warmth and personalized service. I couldn’t believe the amount of face time I had with the doctors... unlike the States! They got to know me and my husband in the weeks leading up to my visit and created a special protocol for my IVF procedure that was based on my past medical history and re-occurrence of miscarriage loss. They were even able to identify gaps in my treatment that my doctors in the States overlooked. They were determined, persistent and genuinely cared about our 6-year painful struggle with not being able to have a child of our own. My husband and I were nervous with the idea of visiting Mexico for an IVF treatment but once we arrived, it was evident that not only would we be taken care of but we were in a safe and highly experienced environment. Because of LIV, we can finally say the words that we never thought we would have the chance to say…. we are actually pregnant! Thank you LIV family! You are a team of miracle workers and we will forever be grateful for not only your care but for your abundant hearts and determination towards struggling couples like us!    

SH (USA) July 2017

Welcome SH — LIV Fertility Center Patient.

Camille (Georgia) June 2017

Welcome LIV Patient, Camille, from Georgia. Thank you for choosing LIV.

AW (California) June 2017

Welcome LIV Patients, AW, from California. Thank you for choosing LIV.

Diego & Raisa (Florida) June 2017

"Hello my name is Raisa and together with my husband Diego, we started the path to parenthood. For some years we are trying to have babies. In 2011, I conducted a reversal of fallopian tubes, everything went well, in 2012 we had a expontaneo not knowing that we were pregnant abortion was a tough time, followed in 2015 we had a second expontaneo abortion. After that we had everything ready for a first cycle of IVF when the doctor realized that in studies of blood came out positive for mutant genetacion of cystic fibrosis, or whether we carry and because of that our dream of having drinks froze, we had lost all hope when suddenly one day searching the internet I found the center of Liv Fertility center in Puerto Vallarta, I encourage you to call, really do not think twice when you call me well looked after and explained step by step all my doubts and questions, I was very happy to have found them. In 2016, we made our first trip to Puerto Vallarta, that joy to come and meet all Dr. Stetson was one of the people who took our order. We started ovarian stimulation and to our surprise my ovaries did not respond well, the Dr.Stetson was very sincere and very kind to us, treated us like we were family, not patients, we explain step by step what we should do, then back we Florida and after about 3 months returned to our second family because we also try to LIV, we started with stimulation and we did well got 22 eggs, which happy we were, all taxes well, so we had to wait for the outcome of PGD to know how many embryos we were due to genetic mutation that both are carriers. The wait was long but we finally we were six embryos, joy and happiness, the first transfer was last year 2016 we had a positive, but we did not give up. In this year 2017, we returned for a second transfer and wow they think positive, but I ended up being an ectopic in the right tube, and truth are devastated but not lose faith. Thanks to Dr.Stetson and Dr.Velez and others who no longer are we are very grateful and very happy to have found the center, not only for the economic side, but also they treat you like family, support you, give you the best advice. It's no question we would choose again and again LIV, unrepentant, but with much faith, because we know and trust them to fulfill our dream of having our baby. Thanks Dr. Stetson, Dr. Velez, Alonso Marin, Gisel Soriano, our embryologist Karla Martin Del Campo, Maria Luisa, Ana, and in general all those who work in the clinic, there are no words that can describe what my husband and I feel every time we go to Puerto Vallarta. We recommend it to all couples who will embark on their dream of parenthood, do not hesitate even a second as it is a reality they are interested in helping others and form our families. LIV, Thank you a thousand times thank you for being part of our lives. No more Raisa and Diego.

JC & Mother (Texas) June 2017

Welcome LIV Patient, JC, from Texas. Thank you for choosing LIV.

PC (South Carolina) June 2017

Welcome LIV Patients, PC, from South Carolina. Thank you for choosing LIV.


Katrina (Texas) May 2017

Katrina and her family are excited to announce the they have chosen LIV Fertility Center in Mexico for their IVF journey to parenthood. Katrina also shares her experience with the clinic and medical staff, as well as why they chose LIV. (See more of Katrina's journey our YouTube Channel)

Gama & Patricia (Utah) June 2017

  Update: Gama & Patricia gave birth to twin girls — Maria & Aria When my husband and I found out we had to have IVF we thought it would be a long time before we could afford to do it. When we found the LIV Fertility Center, it was a miracle for us because with their prices, we could start the journey of becoming parents much sooner than we thought. From start to finish, I felt so taken care of by everyone at the clinic. The nurses and the staff always greeted me and helped with anything I needed, and you knew that the doctors really cared about your well-being.  I could contact them any time, and they were always happy to answer all of my many questions. What started out as being a scary experience, they turned into a wonderful journey. As I left the clinic for the last time, I didn't know if I was pregnant or not, but I felt such a gratitude for everyone there no matter the outcome.  I knew that they did everything possible for me, and really cared for me.  I am so grateful to them for that.  And now, because of that wonderful experience in Puerta Vallarta, I am pregnant for the first time, with TWINS!  Thank you LIV Fertility Center! We just got back from the doctor and we were told everything looks really good. Both babies have their own placenta and were wiggling all over.  


Sabrina (California) May 2017

I've seen so many great reviews ... and there were video reviews. In fact, they weren't just typed up reviews of people for patients that have gone through LIV Fertility Center, they were actual videos. I've been really pleased with their services. I highly recommend the LIV Fertility Center.

SP (Texas) May 2017

SP delivered a healthy ADORABLE baby boy — Noah

SS Family (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats SS is pregnant! Update: The SS Family welcomed twin baby girls — Asma & Husna. Fatimah is now a proud big sister.

LSF (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats! LIV Patients, LSF, are pregnant.

AAE (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats! AAE is pregnant with triplets — 2 boys & 1 girl.  

DCP (Mexico) May 2017

Congrats to DCP — 14 weeks pregnant.

Sam & Tiffany (California) May 2017

Update: Tiffany and Sam gave birth to a healthy, adorable baby boy — Parker. We found Ivfinmexico on line and were a little cautious about traveling outside the US for IVF treatment as we've been used to seeing doctors in the US, over the past 3 years. There was no need for caution as we could not have had a better, more attentive and caring experience from all the medical staff.  We felt very comfortable every step of the way. We are so grateful we found Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores. They made us feel very welcome and patiently responded to our questions. They both went the extra mile and made themselves available to us any time of the day and night.   The IVF clinic uses the latest technology and the doctors and embryologists have incredible expertise in the world of fertility.  My husband and I couldn't been happier with our choice. From the moment I began emailing Gisela, inquiring about IVF procedures to the moment we left Mexico, every step of our journey was made stress free from the team. My husband and I turned the medical trip into a mini honeymoon! We fell in love Puerto Vallarta. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We only wish we came to the IVF clinic in Puerto Vallarta a long time ago! You have made us a family and my sleep is suffering due to sheer excitement as I can't wait to meet our baby boy!!

Christopher & Michelle (Oregon) - May 2017

UPDATE: The Standings gave birth to precious twin boys — Keenan Leal Standings and Liam Stetson Standings!! The boys were named after Fertility Doctor, Dr. Flores and LIV Doctor, Dr. Sonny J. Stetson. This holiday season I have a lot to be thankful for. Of course I'm grateful for my wonderful family and friends but I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Flores, Dr. Stetson and the amazing staff at LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After years of trying on our own (without success) to become parents and hearing all the empathetic "it will happen" or "miracles happen" we decided to start our treatment for infertility. Our journey began with regular doctor visits then specialist visits then finally a referral to a fertility center. We went to several fertility centers in and around Portland and at each one we were ushered straight to the financial advisor each time prior to any visit with a doctor. We were given several estimates as far as costs, all of which were far beyond our economic means. We were told that conceiving children would never happen for us naturally and our only option was IVF. We became discouraged and decided to take time and think about our options and process our devastating news. We took about a year before we started our search again and it was during a casual conversation with my sister on the issue she suggested we look into international IVF clinics, surly somewhere offered IVF that was affordable. I contacted five international clinics, two in Mexico. Out of all the clinics I emailed, four responded but only one had a representative call me and leave a message on my voicemail. Alonso was really nice, informative, and wished us luck on our journey to parenthood. So I called him back. We spoke several times and he emailed promptly answering any and all my questions. I researched two final clinics: their success rates, patient experiences, credentials and final costs for each possible procedure we would have to go through. I picked LIV because I had a good feeling about them and once we began the process my relationship with Alonso became much closer as I constantly called and emailed him with more questions, concerns and for advice on travel arrangements. He always called me back and was always so friendly and informative, I truly felt comfortable in our decision to go with LIV. We were able to Skype with the doctors prior to visiting and everything was laid out on a calendar of events and all costs (including medication) was explained before hand for us to budget. They made the process easy and made us feel like family working together for the same goal, and not just a number. Our visit to Puerto Vallarta was surreal: it was a vacation where we focused on us and not work or every day life. It was a paradise setting that helped us relax and enjoy our IVF process as a joyous occasion instead of the pressure of our fears and worries weighing down on us. We absolutely love Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores as well as the entire staff at the clinic. We joked, laughed, cried, hugged and thanked them time and time again during our IVF process. They encouraged us, gave us advice, worked with us every step of the way and even said a prayer. Which really meant the world to us since we were looking for doctors who really cared and wanted us to be parents as much as we did. We ended up transferring two blastocysts that stuck, became embryos and now 14 week fetal twins I'm successfully carrying. We have really been blessed and we are truly grateful. There really isn't enough I could say or write about these doctors or our experience that fully expresses our feelings of gratitude for them or the whole experience. So if you are reading this long Facebook post and have been searching for the right IVF clinic for your infertility treatment, please give LIV a call or email. I promise you will have made the right decision. If you have any more questions about our personal experience feel free to FB message me privately and I would be more than happy to answer any questions, I know that infertility can feel lonely and that no one understands but I do. And THANK YOU, LIV Fertility Center... I wish we could do more to show our gratitude for having you in our life.


Silke (California) May 2017

I am very excited to be here  at LIV in PV . I am so excited because I will get my IVF done this week and i so hope everything will be successful and I will become a mom. I have been waiting a very long time with my decision to have a family and was very happy to be accepted by Dr Stetson and his amazing team! I am treated like family here. They take time and listen to my questions and are there for me whenever I need them. I create music and they create life !!! I am very happy they were my first choice   While looking for IVF. Thank you Dr Stetson and thank you to the whole team at IVF. You are amazing!!