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MOMENTS. Discover the moments that matter most when you LIV for the journey.

 The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to providing the best overall experience on the journey to parenthood.

Experience what could be in your future with the LIV Fertility Center. We recognize that it’s not just about the journey, but also what is shared.

For anyone struggling to start a family, these stories provide a testament to the expert fertility options and solutions we are providing at LIV.

Experience the LIV Way

Every shared story below introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday — and to the families we are building with each step.


Positive Pregnancy News March 2020

LIV Fertility Center team delivers positive pregnancy news to LIV patients. What an exciting day! Music to the ears! Congratulations!


Darren and Reiko December 2019

Darren and Reiko share why they chose LIV for their fertility journey — and how their experience has been in Puerto Vallarta.


Elipidia (Chicago) Nov 2019

Elpidia shares with us the ups and downs of their journey to parenthood — which has brought them to the LIV Fertility Center after 9 years of trying to conceive. What made Elpidia and her husband choose LIV? How has their stay in Puerto Vallarta been? Watch now!


EMOJ October 2019

Say hi to our dear friend EMOJ. We couldn't be more happy to see your family grow. 💚 Dr. Jose Francisco Velez was honored to be a part of this special delivery.


Timothy & Calli (USA) October 2019

Meet Hattie Lou. She was born on 10/3, weighing 6lb 7oz, (Parents Timothy and Calli). 💚🍼💖🎀🌞


Danaisy and Nosdiel (Florida) October 2019

Meet Katheryn, born on 9/26 — weighing 6lb 8oz.


Allison August 2019

Inside the leading fertility clinic in Puerto Vallarta, LIV IVF doctors — Dr. Velez, Dr. Hernandez & Dr. Contreras - sit in on a conference call with IVF patient Allison. Dr. Velez delivers the positive pregnancy news!


DMT (USA) 2019

DMT is back in Puerto Vallarta for their second IVF journey! The couple had twins during their first IVF Mexico journey. DMT shares with us her experience at LIV and how her and her husband chose LIV.


Deshantrel & Amanda (New Orleans) 2019

Beautiful IVF Mexico couple, Deshantrel & Amanda from New Orleans, sit down with LIV Fertility Center to share their experience — from how they feel about Puerto Vallarta and the team members of LIV to how the cost of IVF in Mexico helped them choose LIV for their first IVF journey together.


RG (Canada) 2019

IVF Mexico patient RG (Canada) sits down to share her and her partners inspiring story, initial reservations with IVF and the overall experience with IVF Mexico at the leading fertility center in Mexico, LIV Fertility Center Puerto Vallarta.


Fred & Debbie (Oklahoma) February 2019

IVF Mexico couple Fred & Debbie from Oklahoma share their experience with the LIV Fertility Center team. Such an inspiring story! How did they find IVF in Mexico? What did they think of the fertility team? What did they think of Puerto Vallarta? Watch now.


Lacie (Louisiana) February 2019

IVF Mexico patient Lacie shares her overall experience with the LIV Fertility Center in Mexico. Lacie shares how she and her husband found LIV, the experience in Puerto Vallarta and what she has thought of the leading fertility clinic in Mexico.


Natalie February 2019

After 2 years of struggling with infertility, IVF Mexico patient Natalie sits down to share her story and how her and her husband found the LIV Fertility Center, the treatment process they have completed, her experience with each member of the team and how she feels about IVF in Mexico compared to IVF in the United States.


Iqbal & Kim Feb 2019

IVF Mexico Success Story: Iqbal and Kim sit down with the LIV Fertility Center for a candid interview on their fertility journey in Mexico. The couple are now parents to a beautiful baby boy.   See Entire Press Release,


John & Ashley are back at the LIV Fertility Center for their 2nd journey and embryo transfer. Meet Baby Bryce!!  


Danaisy and Nosdiel Silva (Florida) January 2019

Excellent experience with LIV Fertility. We absolutely love each person who helped us. Receptionist, office staff, nurses, Embryologist and doctor were all incredibly professional and answered all of our concerns. My husband and I will definitely recommend LIV, not only are they incredibly professional, knowledgeable and caring. They treat you as if you are part of their own family. I have to say it was the best decision we could have ever made. We love each and ever one who helped us ❤️


Calli and Tim Clanton (TEXAS) January 2019

Welcome LIV Patients Tim and Calli!


Fazila and Jawid Shaghel (California) August 2018

We thank our AMAZING LIV patients Fazila and Jawid for sharing their experience with LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and their stay at our exclusive LIV accommodation: PENTHOUSE 508! We appreciate your kind words!


IL (Kansas) January 2018

Update: IL delivered a healthy baby boy, Haziel, on 11/3/17. WOW, Where do we start… My husband and I struggled with infertility issues for 5+ years. We had tried IUI for 4 months in our home state and sadly it never worked, in 2016 we decided to save and save some more to be able to afford IVF and a nice vacation for this process. Of course the first thing was to find the right place to travel to, and that’s when we came across this AMAZING CLINIC. LIV Fertility Center was our miracle path for us to start our family; first we researched the clinic, read reviews of people like us that went there chasing a dream just like we were. When we finally agreed to call and set up an appointment our first impression was beyond our expectations, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores got on a call with us right away, we explained what we were dealing with and it was instant that we felt like they understood us, they both answered our questions and doubts, and provided us with all the information needed to start our Journey, honestly we didn’t look anymore after talking to these two great doctors. We scheduled our visit, I am so thankful for Alonso, he was able to handle all of our questions after scheduling our visit and he dealt with me time after time before our arrival to the clinic, every time I emailed him, his response was so fast, I was never worried about getting a hold of them. The day finally came and we were so excited and so nervous, but it all went so smoothly, we got so close to the people that we met at LIV, starting with the Doctors again, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores were so welcoming, I was lucky enough to start our stimulation shots that very same day of our visit, Our nurses were INCREDIBLE ELI and ANITA were such sweet ladies, Eli walked my husband through the procedure of taking the shots so that he could do them for me back at the hotel on the days we were not at the clinic, Both Eli and Anita always made me feel so comfortable, they were both so caring and gentle. Esther and Vanessa were also a great asset, coming into the clinic felt like family were there expecting us, these two girls make it so easy for you to come in and they welcome you with a smile each time, they would constantly ask how we were doing and feeling. Karlita which is the lab director would email us every day on the process of our embryos, every step at LIV was being followed with such care and priority, not once did I have to check in with them because they were keeping us update every time, Our Transfer was done by Dr. Velez and Dr. Stetson. I felt so comfortable both on the day of retrieval and day of transfer, I felt safe, and these Doctors did everything in their power to make us feel like this. My favorite part of all was Dr. Stetson being able to respond to my texts with any concern or question I had, this was throughout the process and after we came back home, this really made us feel so cared for, We cannot Thank Liv enough for the amazing help they provided us with. We strongly encourage anyone struggling with infertility to give them a chance to be part of your journey; I feel like God put them in our path, they are a bunch of professionals that felt like a family, Wish we could give them more then 5 stars on this review. We just got our first positive blood test, so THANK YOU LIV, THANK YOU for helping our dream come to a reality. With Love...  ♡

John & Ashley (Oklahoma) January 2018

Update: John & Ashley gave birth to baby boy Bryce in 2018. Update: "Hello to our LIV miracle workers. You have been on my mind a lot lately. We are now in the 3rd trimester and the baby is measuring perfectly. Thanks for all you do. You have forever changed our lives." "When my husband and I started researching clinics we were mostly looking at data: success rates, costs, staff experience, etc. The LIV Clinic has all of those things, but they also have a staff that makes you feel like family. The hospitality and genuine concern of the entire staff is invaluable. Knowing they are there to help every step of the way makes the journey much easier. What we discovered was that the measurable things were what made all the difference.  Thank you LIV for our wonderful experience, we are blessed to have found you. You have forever changed our lives for the better."


Jed & Melody (Arizona) August 2017

Update: Jed & Melody delivered a healthy, strong baby girl — Tatum Grace I am so deeply grateful for having this opportunity in Mexico and for the wonderful staff! My hug bank will forever be full from all the love and care I am receiving. I got to celebrate national Doctors day with everyone! I hardly have words to express my gratitude and appreciation for LIV. This clinic offers world class and affordable care with highly successful doctors, attentive nurses and a brilliant lab technician. The LIV clinic is a beautiful and clean facility that overlooks tropical Puerto Vallarta. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with specialized attention, warmth and personalized service. I couldn’t believe the amount of face time I had with the doctors... unlike the States! They got to know me and my husband in the weeks leading up to my visit and created a special protocol for my IVF procedure that was based on my past medical history and re-occurrence of miscarriage loss. They were even able to identify gaps in my treatment that my doctors in the States overlooked. They were determined, persistent and genuinely cared about our 6-year painful struggle with not being able to have a child of our own. My husband and I were nervous with the idea of visiting Mexico for an IVF treatment but once we arrived, it was evident that not only would we be taken care of but we were in a safe and highly experienced environment. Because of LIV, we can finally say the words that we never thought we would have the chance to say…. we are actually pregnant! Thank you LIV family! You are a team of miracle workers and we will forever be grateful for not only your care but for your abundant hearts and determination towards struggling couples like us!    


Katrina (Texas) May 2017

Katrina and her family are excited to announce the they have chosen LIV Fertility Center in Mexico for their IVF journey to parenthood. Katrina also shares her experience with the clinic and medical staff, as well as why they chose LIV. (See more of Katrina's journey our YouTube Channel)


Sabrina (California) May 2017

I've seen so many great reviews ... and there were video reviews. In fact, they weren't just typed up reviews of people for patients that have gone through LIV Fertility Center, they were actual videos. I've been really pleased with their services. I highly recommend the LIV Fertility Center.


Silke (California) May 2017

I am very excited to be here  at LIV in PV . I am so excited because I will get my IVF done this week and i so hope everything will be successful and I will become a mom. I have been waiting a very long time with my decision to have a family and was very happy to be accepted by Dr Stetson and his amazing team! I am treated like family here. They take time and listen to my questions and are there for me whenever I need them. I create music and they create life !!! I am very happy they were my first choice   While looking for IVF. Thank you Dr Stetson and thank you to the whole team at IVF. You are amazing!!


Juan & Veronica (Mexico) February 2017

Baby Juan Pablo to loving parents Juan & Veronica on October 20, 2016. The parents captured this 'forever moment' on video to share with the world.