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 The LIV Fertility Center team is committed to providing the best overall experience on the journey to parenthood.

Experience what could be in your future with the LIV Fertility Center. We recognize that it’s not just about the journey, but also what is shared.

For anyone struggling to start a family, these stories provide a testament to the expert fertility options and solutions we are providing at LIV.

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Every shared story below introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday — and to the families we are building with each step.

Adrienne G. 2019

I just want to say I’m very happy that I chose LIV fertility center. Everyone is very nice and Dr. Velez is very professional and knows what he is doing. You can tell they want the best outcome for you and they all take pride in what they do Thank you for everything!

Jade (USA) 2019

These are some of the most amazing people you will ever work with. They offer nothing less than VIP service at every step of the process. I have never received this level of care and treatment at any medical facility in the United States. And Dr. Velez is an extremely talented and knowledge doctor. He is a perfectionist as well, which shows in his success rates. We highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to conceive.

Kathryn R. 2019

Everyone at LIV have been amazing so far. A couple of months ago, my husband and I realized that IVF was our next step to having a family. Our insurance doesn’t cover fertility so we needed to look into other options. We found LIV online and the reviews were glowing. I watched the YouTube videos of other couples saying how amazing their experience was so I decided to reach out. From the very first interaction I felt comfortable and confident in moving forward with them. We were going to travel and make a vacation out of it! Being in Puerto Vallarta for the first time going to my first appointment alone, they made me feel special not just another number. Dr Velez and Dr Sofia were so professional and respectful. So far my experience has been incredible and I’m very happy we went with LIV!

BH (USA) 2019

We had an amazing experience here and were well taken care of. This is an amazing team and group of people here. They make you feel like family. It's not just that they know you by name when you walk in the door, or your medical history, they know you personally. Doing fertility treatments treatments is not for the faint of heart. This is quite the journey. These group of people, the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff, billing, reception, therapists, all of them, are kind, caring, and compassionate. We read the reviews before we went there and saw how great their services were from other people. We also noticed their high success rates. Well now that we have had the chance to see it first hand we are happy we chose them. We now have 6 embyro's waiting for us for implantation. We are looking forward to coming back for implantation. Thanks so much team! We look forward to coming back in July/August. 🙂

Miguel - Feb-2015

I recommend the LIV Fertility Center to anyone considering IVF abroad without any reservations. After countless IUI's and failed IVF's over 6 years in the USA and Asia, we had just about lost hope that we would ever conceive. Like many of you reading this post, my wife and I googled IVF in Mexico and found Dr. Horacio Vega, LIV Fertility Center. In December of 2012, we filled out a request to receive information and were contacted by Gisel Soriano, Coordinator. Although, I speak fluent Spanish, my wife only speaks English. Gisel is Bilingual, speaks fluent English and this eased any of our concerns. Gisel was heaven sent. She was professional, kind, patient and very knowledgable. She answered all of our questions and responded to emails promptly. We felt like Gisel and Dr. Vega were ethical people we could trust. And you just can't beat their prices! We decided to give IVF in Mexico a try. Dr. Vega reviewed our medical records and lab results. After carefully studying our case, Dr. Vega felt confident we were good candidates for IVF. Gisel coordinated our treatment based on my wife's cycle, assisted us with obtaining and filling RX prescriptions for fertility meds and provided us with plenty of recommendations for hotel accommodations. In the Spring of 2013, we flew to Mexico for the procedure. Gisel contracted a driver to pick us up at the airport, take us to our hotel to check in and then to our first appointment. Dr. Vega, Gisel and staff provided excellent medical care and a wonderful IVF experience. We returned to the states and 2 weeks later, we received the wonderful news that my wife was pregnant. We are happy to announce that in November of 2013, my wife gave birth to our healthy and beautiful baby girl. We are so happy and feel so blessed to be parents. We are not trying to sell anyone on Mexico or this particular clinic. We just felt that American clients might appreciate hearing a testimonial from someone they can relate to. We will be retuning to see Dr. Vega later this year at the new, state of the art clinic in Puerto Vallarta for another round of IVF. Our baby girl can use a little brother or sister. Good luck to all of you reading this and may God bless you on your journey to parenthood.

Carolin - Apr-2015

very professional, with quite a lot of explanations about the baby.

Kgyger - May-2015

The staff at Liv fertility was amazing! I was mid Ivf cycle and on vacation but required monitoring for medication adjustments. Gisel was able to coordinate with my Dr. In the states and arrange my appt. Dr. Horacio was very informative and professional. I recommend this facility for any puerto Vallarta or US individual going through IVF.

Guenadi M. - May-2015

I was treated very well by the staff. They gave all the necessary explanation and answered all of my questions.

Ry - Jul-2015

What a professional group of people. My experience was great . Starting from Gisel to any one that came in contact with me has been nice and considerate. Thank you Ana, Zaida , Doc and Elizabeth. Thank you

Lynne - Sep-2015

From first contact to procedure completion and beyond, the interaction with all staff was amazing. They are extremely attentive to your questions and concerns, every call, text and email was responded to within minutes to a hour - many times speaking directly to Dr.Vega. Everyone at the clinic is deeply invested in the successful outcome of your procedure, very caring and compassionate. You will always be greeted with a hug, a friendly smile, a concerned question as to your well being. The clinic itself is located in a very nice, modern hospital on the top floor and is extremely clean and well thought out. The staff all speak English to varying degrees with front desk administrative assistant Zaida providing excellent translation skills with the clinical staff who do not. If you have need of using donor eggs, you will be provided an extensive bio with pictures upon your choosing of one or more donors and the same goes for sperm donors. We had gone through the Colorado center for reproductive medicine years before and were extremely disappointed in our experience - cold, clinical, we saw the original doctor once during initial visit and only clinical Staff for all treatment, diagnostics, etc after, any questions we had went through the doctors administrative assistant and response times varied between 6 hours to three days. The focus was on up selling services and money - not the person , not the family you were trying to create. After our procedure at LIV, back home when questions, concerns and issues arose we received immediate (even late evening and weekends) texts, calls and emails and nearly always were connected with Dr. Vega to discuss the issue. Other clinics, once you're done with procedure, direct you to contact your gp or ob/gyn. We still email and call if we have questions or symptoms we are worried about, and this is over 5 weeks later. Gisele or Julieta always respond with kindness and concern , Dr. Vega always responds with medical guidance. The lab director, Karla, is deeply committed to your embryos and truly mothers them through each moment of life - she will even provide you with pictures of your growing embryos with dates on high quality photo stock. We would absolutely recommend others to contact LIV in Puerto Vallarta and plan to use them for all ivf procedures.

Lisa- Dec-2015

My husband and I have been working with Gisel and LIV since June this year. We had our first transfer cycle almost two weeks ago so we still aren't sure of our results just yet, but I really wanted couples to know how much they can trust LIV and how wonderful Gisel is in guiding you through the process; not just payment, but medical questions, prescriptions, even where to stay! We are having our bloodwork done this week, so we are keeping our fingers crossed, and even if this cycle does not work, we are still so grateful for everything Gisel and LIV have done for us!

Anon. - Jan-2016

My experience is very good so far. Special thanks to Juliet Romeos. Every time I call her she always find time to call me back and she give you good advise. I have to say I talk with one of doctor and he was proffessally. I am very impress and that is why I choose them!

Beth. - Jan-2016

As anyone who has been down the road of IVF planning, it can be a very emotional process.  Ever since I first made contact with LIV, I have been impressed with the genuine care and support that the staff have provided.  From my first phone call with Alonso , to my first meetings with Gisel and Zaida, up to my consultations with Dr Stetson and Dr Pena, I have been treated as a valued patient, not just a number.  Unlike in the US, where fertility has become a business and patients have become statistics, at LIV I feel more like a part of the family.  Although I am still in the early stages of this journey, I am grateful to all the staff for their continued support and encouragement.

Lise S. - Jan-2016

Gisel is our care coordinator and I'm not sure I can say enough good things about her. She has held our hands through the financial aspects as well as guiding us through the medical. The entire staff at LIV were just wonderful. We were scared at first, but once we met Dr. Horacio, our minds were at ease. The facility itself is state of the art, but very comfortable and inviting. We recommend LIV you anyone looking for a great IVF experience.

Christopher S. - Mar 2016

Wow, where to start... The LIV Fertility Center is beautiful and state of the art, nicer than any facility we went to in the United States (we went to many over the last five years). Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are truly amazing human beings. The entire staff were available to us 100% of the time, day or night. Words can't descried how happy we are with our experience with them and their help in our journey to parenthood. At every step they have exceeded our expectations and delivered a quality and compassion that was unobtainable from any other clinic we researched and/or visited. We would strongly encourage any person or couple experiencing fertility issues to select these doctors as your final decision. Lastly, the clinic is located in what my wife and I consider paradise and is 15 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta's city center. As far as money is concerned we were able to stay 26 days in Mexico, receive two necessary surgeries, have our genetics mapped, all hormone treatments, were tested for full panels on 400+ diseases and paid for all medications for literally half the cost of what we could have done at the most inexpensive clinic in the United States. The only regret we have is that we can only give them 5 stars on this review. At the risk of sounding cheesy, my wife and I feel that Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are as much a part of our family as the children they have made possible for us to have.

Wayne - May 2016

Hope and Closure. Like most couples.. My Wife and I have read almost everything on the internet/YouTube in the last year regarding IVF challenges for woman over 40 using her own eggs. When we went to local IVF clinics in the United States we listened to very sterile unhopeful conversations from Physicians that were not at all interested my wife's attempts regarding  the use of her own eggs; no matter how important it was to us. Pragmatism without Humanity *This was the key necessity for helping her/us in accepting her/our own reproductive success or closure. I can't say enough about Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores enthusiastically assisting us through this process hoping for the long-shot percentages regarding our success. The Doctor's qualifications are Steller. Yes the American Trained Doctors speak excellent English here.. lol. If your willing  to risk the less that 10% success odds on this procedure and are able to absorb the cost to gain the rewards of success or closure: We would highly recommend it! The IVF coordinator Alonso that got us here. Wow! Alonso is a unbelievable professional. His knowledge and bare bones explanations of procedures in IVF feild is accurate and incredible. We thought we drove him nuts with questions we kept learning online that he always answered with his practical knowledge of the IVF procedures, processes, and protocols. He knows as much if not more than anyone in the industry. Sorry Doctors. Alonso helped us with a rather spontaneous trip to Wonderful Puerto Vallarta. If your wondering if the Vacation Environment Helps. YES:) Every detail was completed in a very short time. We were received at the airport with banner sign for our transportation that brought us right to an amazing Bed and Breakfast. I can't say enough about the people at the Bed-and-Breakfast: They treated us like family.  The IVF process took more than a few days. The environment at that bed and breakfast sure made our stay and process comfortable. We were absolutely catered to. The accommodations are no accident! LIV has these things well thought out and knows exactly what each individual needs  and what they are going through in this process, care, and treatment plan. This comfortable private setting helped us through all of it. *And it was unbelievably affordable. :)$:) Due to our spontaneous trip a lot of our medical prerequisites we're not completed and in hand. No thanks to Arrogant American Physicians and thier Labs that were totally uncooperative in forwarding information that was politely and professionally requested right in front of me by LIV.  *By the way... Don't be surprised to find out that your American test are less than accurate. Each Physician in Puerto Vallarta that we met were unbelievably professional, intelligent, and friendly. Our advice to anyone coming here is to complete any of your medical exams and labs right there in Puerto Vallarta.  They coordinated very quickly, comprehensively, and professionally  within an extremely rapid period of time. RESULTS IN THE SAME DAY MOST OF THE TIME. *And at a very affordable price :)$:) The San Javier Hospital is New, Modern, and Clean and their staff treats you like you were at a five star hotel. We met with Mature Physicians, Nurses, and Technicians that were and are clients of LIV. Bulging Bellies, Pictures, Enthusiastic Stories, and Smiles that prove LIV was indeed successful for them. Nothing better than meeting real people who have been successful in this endeavor. Yes.. In Mexico and Latin America like the U.S. many career professionals have postponed family that now have them running against time. Today's  advancements now make possible to remedy our reproductive challenges.

Karl K. -June 2016

My husband and I have been to two different clinics in Canada. With two failed results. Not only did the doctors in Canada treat us like another "job" in and out, and months of waiting for appointments they also seemed to care more about making a buck than the actual problem. LIV fertility center were extremely professional however gave a sense of security and friendship. They really are passionate helping infertile couples fulfill there life time dreams of having a child. Not only was the price of IVF substantially less but also the care from the staff was amazing and clinic was immaculate and you could tell they took pride in their clinic. We finally had our first positive in five years of trying with our first attempt at LIV. Also were able to freeze two embryos (which we never have been able to do before) We had heavy bleeding in the first five weeks, although the distance did not effect the medical advice and instructions. The doctors called us as soon as they heard the news and continue to check in on us throughout the night and into the weekend. Julieta one of the staff was texting as well just to see how we were coping. Thank you LIV and staff for the amazing treatment and sincerity. You were honest, you did not take us for granted and you most certainly were not interested in just our money. My husband and I are grateful we took the leap and chose your clinic, many people are always hesitant to go out of Country for help however it was the best choice we have ever made. I would be happy and eager to recommend your clinic to anyone going through the same struggles.

Katherine - August 2016

Dear Dr Stetson and Zaida, I hope this finds you well. Last December you may remember I was visiting Vallarta from the UK following ivf treatment at home. You kindly agreed to scan as well as take bloods which you then sent to my clinic in London without me being an existing patient. As promised, I wanted to update and thank you for your care during this early stage of my pregnancy. My son was born on the 29th July weighing 6.6lbs and we are overjoyed. I would be grateful if you could thank your team and show them these photos. Best wishes