In Vitro Maturation – IVM

POWER. The LIV Fertility Center comprises of reproductive experts creating innovating and comprehensive treatment plans to treat a wide range of infertility disorders. Led by distinguished fertility specialist, Dr. Francisco Velez, the prestigious fertility center in Puerto Vallarta is rewriting the future of reproductive medicine.

ivm Strength comes in many forms — and the LIV Fertility Center is living proof. Advanced fertility technologies are providing a powerful link to parenthood with the newest In vitro maturation (IVM) technology.

What is IVM?

In vitro maturation (IVM) is a technique that incorporates retrieving immature eggs from the ovaries, then maturing the eggs in a lab for our distinctive IVF process. Natural cycle IVF with IVM is an option for women who have regular ovulatory cycles — who do not want to have hormone injections to stimulate egg production or who have had poor response or side effects from previous hormonal treatments.

Unlike traditional IVF, no hormones are used to stimulate the woman’s ovaries during natural cycle IVF. The eggs removed through the IVM technique will be matured in the clinic’s lab, then fertilized with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

The Future of IVM — Unveiled

At the esteemed LIV Fertility Center, the future of IVM is succeeding in helping many couples overcome their struggles with infertility.

  • Advanced measures of IVM allow intended parents to avoid using fertility drugs.
  • Patients can remove the additional cost of infertility drugs from their expenses.
  • There is minimal risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).
  • Ideal for patients who do not wish to produce multiple eggs/embryos.

The LIV Way — Step by Step

STEP 1 | Initial Consultation with Your LIV Advisor

When you begin your journey to parenthood at LIV, you will consult with a personal advisor —a committed member of our team — who will acquire an extensive medical history from you and your partner and address any questions or concerns that you may have. We developed a program that allows you to feel comfortable and confident during each step of your journey. Your LIV advisor will help you plan your first visit to the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta.

STEP 2 | In-House Consultation with LIV Clinical Coordinator

Your LIV clinical coordinator is a dedicated member of our fertility team who will oversee your entire family building journey. During your first visit, we will review your preliminary fertility diagnosis, perform testing, discuss with you the details of our program and the options for an individualized treatment plan. Your clinical coordinator will then schedule all the necessary procedures, which are entirely performed inside the gleaming LIV Fertility Center.

STEP 3 | Natural Cycle IVF with IVM Technique

Immature eggs are collected from unstimulated or minimally stimulated ovaries under ultrasound guidance. Our fertility specialist will observe the immature eggs as they mature in the laboratory for 24-48 hours using culture medium. Eggs are combined with sperm in the laboratory by adding sperm to the dish containing the egg using Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Our LIV fertility team will continue with the Natural IVF Cycle — embryo transfer and pregnancy testing.

The LIV Lifeline

Each of our LIV fertility doctors lives out a commitment to helping you reach one goal — becoming a parent. The educational and professional backgrounds, extensive experience and commitment to research provided to you in Puerto Vallarta will transform your life. The LIV Fertility Center embodies its own term. It’s more than just the sum of its parts — expert fertility specialists, innovative facilities, revolutionary IVF procedures, intelligent management structure, and sophisticated comfort. It’s a lifeline. LIV reimagines, refines and redefines each and every aspect of reproductive medicine.