IVF-FET Guarantee

ASSURANCE.  While the LIV Fertility Center is proud of our world-class success, we realize that many patients are concerned about their financial future and the fear that comes with IVF treatment. Our goal is to provide our patients with peace of mind on the journey to parenthood.

ivf-fet-guaranteeAn inability to live with life’s unknowns can lead to worry and distress. Infertility is no exception. We understand a constricting downside of fertility treatment is constantly worrying, from the overwhelming costs of treatment to the uncertainties of IVF being successful on the first attempt.

IVF treatment in the US is costly, especially for those couples who must repeat cycles to achieve pregnancy. Many couples simply don’t have the funds to cover secondary fertility fees after giving everything they have on their first IVF cycle.

At the LIV Fertility Center, there is no need to worry on your journey to parenthood. Consistent with our commitment to a patient-focused program, we have found a way to turn fear into confidence and motivation. LIV is minimizing financial hardship by offering more than one opportunity at a successful pregnancy with the IVF-FET Guarantee.

Intended parents can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the most advanced fertility care at the most affordable cost when they commit to the LIV Fertility Center. This positive mindset allows patients to relax — and unwind in Puerto Vallarta.

Exclusive IVF-FET Guarantee

The LIV Fertility Center thrives on the continuing trust and respect of our patients. Our exclusive guarantee is providing patients with assurance — to help you on your journey to parenthood. How does it work?

If your first IVF attempt is unsuccessful, our IVF-FET Guarantee (In vitro Fertilization + Frozen Embryo Transfer) covers 1 additional embryo transfer at no cost. (**excludes medication and endometrial preparation)

High Success Rates + Affordable Treatment Costs + IVF-FET Guarantee = The LIV Way

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