OPTIONS. Egg donation programs over the past decade exclusively used fresh eggs from thriving, young egg donors. One coherent option led to — recipient couples choosing a donor who was stimulated to produce multiple eggs, eggs retrieved and fertilized with sperm resulting in fresh embryos, embryos transferred to the female recipient, and the remaining embryos frozen for future embryo transfer procedures (if needed).

egg-donation-fresh-vs-frozen With the recent industrialized advancements at the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, egg freezing technology allows couples the option of using fresh or frozen eggs.

Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs

Traditional egg donation indicates a process in which a prospective egg donor is recruited, undergoes a rigorous screening process, synchronization with the recipient’s cycle and the required egg retrieval.

With the prevalent introduction of egg freezing at the LIV Fertility Center, there are several advantages when selecting between fresh or frozen donated eggs.

Advantages of Frozen Donor Eggs

  • Frozen egg are immediately available
  • No need for cycle synchronization
  • Cycles can be scheduled when convenient for recipient
  • Donor previously screened
  • Fewer cycle terminations
  • 100% chance of receiving mature eggs
  • Lower cost per cycle

Advantages of Fresh Donor Eggs

  • Closer communication between the fertility center and the donor
  • The pool of eggs collected are not shared or divided
  • Higher fertilization rates and greater chance of having extra embryos frozen
  • Higher chance to have biological siblings

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