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INSPIRE. An unforgettable journey starts with unmatched technology and the inspiration of high egg donation success rates. How enticing can efficiency be? The LIV Fertility Center Egg Donation Program has achieved successful outcomes for couples from around the globe.

egg-donation-success-ratesBacked by a state-of-the-art IVF Mexico laboratory and repeated discoveries in the area of reproductive medicine, LIV fertility experts have achieved consistently high pregnancy rates.

While success rates are not a guarantee for parenthood, nor should they be the sole source of one’s decision on choosing a fertility center — LIV takes the time to clearly educate individuals on the realities of the journey ahead.

Success Rate Dynamics

Several factors that contribute to the egg donation high success rates include:

  • age of the donor
  • egg retrieval process
  • quality of semen
  • overall health of the donor
  • overall health of the recipient (and her uterus)
  • the number of fertilized eggs (embryos) transferred to the recipient’s uterus (including thawed embryos)

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Expert IVF Specialists

Our team continually researches advances in reproductive medicineü pushes boundaries of fertility innovation and strives to increase pregnancy success rates.

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Located inside the prestigious San Javier Hospital, our state-of-the-art fertility clinic offers modern indulgences and contemporary architecture.

IVF Success Stories

Every LIV success story introduces you to LIV in a new way. Every individual story is a testament to the amazing connections we are making everyday.