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PROTECT. While paternity is achieved naturally for many — personal circumstances or medical conditions can become barriers on the journey to parenthood. Cryopreservation Mexico offers couples or individuals the chance to preserve their capacity to have children in the future.

egg-donation-cryopreservationEggs, sperm and embryos can be cryopreserved through a variety of methods. Our advanced fertility preservation technique is providing high success rates at the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta. Cyropreservation Mexico options at the LIV Fertility Center in Mexico are giving couples the power and liveliness to protect a woman’s fertility in all situations.

Egg Freezing — Planning for Your Future

One of the most significant expansions in reproductive technology egg vitrification. The freezing technique at LIV Fertility Center allows delicate eggs to be frozen quickly and efficiently to prevent damage. This innovative technique offers women new options in fertility preservation.

It is not uncommon for women today to delay pregnancy until their 30s and 40s — after establishing their career. Too often, this intentional postponement distresses their ability to have a natural pregnancy. Egg cryopreservation Mexico gives women the chance to freeze their eggs at a younger age, preserve their fertility, and reduce the chances of miscarriage and birth defects.

Devastatingly, radiation therapy, chemo and other forms of surgery can also contribute to infertility by destroying a woman’s eggs. Depending on the type of cancer being treated and the medical status of our devoted female patients, egg freezing may be an option that gives woman facing cancer the opportunity to preserve her fertility.

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